A Quiet Place - Krasinski, Blunt, shhhhhh


Weird that we don’t have a separate topic for this. It’s John Krasinski’s horror movie about trying to be very quiet. It nabbed about $50 million over launch weekend.


This is going to be the podcast movie for the upcoming week.


OMG, I’ll actually have seen a movie before the podcast! I’m seeing it tonight.


Thumbs up. I have a few nitpicky complaints and it could have done with maybe a third of the jump scares, but it’s definitely the best film I’ve seen in cinemas this year. Also the only film.


Is there a scene where Krasinski and Blunt have loud, wild sex that makes the monsters find them?


Saw it tonight. Amazing movie especially for a newb director like Krasinski. I recommend seeing it somewhere with Atmos or other high end sound systems.


Saw this tonight.

Why didn’t the family spend most of their time near the waterfall? They’re safe from the monsters and can make as much noise as they want, especially while making/having babies!


I assume because it would build bad habits if they ever had to leave the area right around the waterfall.


I just caught this one and was distinctly unimpressed. Although the cinematography was great and the acting decent it committed the cardinal sin… it was boring. So boring…
Family eats dinner yawn
Family bickers a bit in sign language yawn
Family meanders around their picturesque house yawn
I confess, I gave up after 45 mins and left the cinema so perhaps it got better. I didn’t have the patience to stick it out.

In general, I find that if a movie hasn’t grabbed me in the first 30 mins then it is unlikely to do so. Directors - don’t waste your first act!

2018 Horror Roundup Thread

Help me decide how far down to put this movie in my Netflix queue. Does it do anything that I haven’t already seen in It Comes at Night?


Yes, though I’m not sure it’s a better film. They’re not really doing the same thing at all. It Comes At Night is (among other things, obvs.) about the limits of trust and trying to maintain humanity in the face of existential threat. A Quiet Place is basically a well-crafted creature feature, about (among other things) the pressures of living permanently under an extraordinary constraint. The relationship dynamics are very different. Also, I hope you’ll have watched everything in your Netflix queue by the time it comes out. It’s only just been released in cinemas.


Um, I hate to tell you this, but the lesson Directors are learning from A Quiet Place is that it’s a huge success.

$17 million production cost and $50 million in US box office in the first weekend. Very positive word of mouth and reviews.

I think you’re an outlier on this one.



Yeah, I have a few issues with the film, but I can’t imagine being bored by the opening.


It felt like a horror movie that can appeal to someone who isn’t a hardcore horror fan.

It really worked for me.


It did start slow. Most horror movies do. Once it gets started, though, it doesn’t stop.


Slow but very, very tense.


It is a terrible movie to see in a crowded theater. Someone behind me was munching on nachos during the opening quiet scenes. I was like, “really dude? really?”.


On the other hand, easiest movie to troll the audience ever. It’s almost begging for someone to receive a mobile phone call.


“Ayy! What’s up? Naw. Naw. I’m just sitting here getting my movie on… That movie with the dude from The Office. Not that guy. The other guy. No. Not him. The other one. The other one. Yeah. That dude! I dunno. Like, they can’t talk or something? I dunno. No. Nothing. Like, nada, man. Right? Like he can’t talk? Wouldn’t shut up on that show! Naw… I’ll probably skip early. This sucks. Like, where’s the boss dude? He was funny. Not this guy.”


Saw this. The film is completely silent at parts so you can hear a pin drop in the theater. I would recommend seeing it during off hours. I imagine people stuffing their faces with popcorn will ruin it.