A way to offload everything from ipad to Computer?

My ipad has not been working terrible since ios 11 update. Dumb decision I made to update the operating system day I go into hospital. Biggest problem is as I type nothing comes out or if it doesn’t it’s one letter at time. It can take a minute or longer for a stream of letters to finally be sent to screen and they’re often jumbled. I have a lot of stuff saved on my ipad and Apple’s online disk space is not neatly enough nor economically viable.

Is there a way I can do a data dump to my PC over the network now that I’m home? I have 3 Gig of messages I’d like to offload that includes lots of pictures and tons of other stuff. Thanks.

You can do a backup, and the fastest way to do that is to attach it to a computer via USB cable and run iTunes. You’ll see your iPad show up, and you will be able to choose “Backup to this Computer” instead of “Backup to iCloud”. I recommend encrypting the backup so all the passwords get saved. A backup is pretty much the only way to keep all your messages intact right now, until they get the iMessage cloud sync working (supposedly in an upcoming update to iOS 11).

Once your backup is complete, I do recommend resetting your iPad to factory defaults and then trying to restore from the backup. Just make sure that you log out of iCloud before you do the factory reset.

Another couple of options:

-When you do the iTunes Backup, do an encrypted backup, That will make sure everything including what iOS considers sensitive data is backed up.

  • iCloud library isn’t that expensive. I pay like $3 a month for 250g and still have a ton free. That will get all of the photos at least. Messages is hard becuse they are all stored on Apple.
  • Look at Google Photo, also. You might have enough Google storage to offload the photos.
  • Before dong a complete restore, go into Setting, General, Reset, and choose Reset all Settings. That will wipe out all the local settings so you will have to reenter passwords and wifi passwords and the like. I’ve found that sometimes clears up a lot of weird iOS issues.

Be sure to turn off Find my iPad under iCloud settings if you plan to do a local backup. It’s on by default and you’re not allowed to do non-iCloud backups with it on.

I am so out of it. Re-read part of my post and I meant to say “my iPad has been running terrible”. Instead I wrote “my iPad has not been running terrible”.

It was barely any communication in hospital. I depend so much on this. Is there any way I can do a backup or data dump that does not include iTunes? Or does it no longer hold your clean install for ransom like it once did? I’ve been staying away from iTunes forever because had so many issues - always want to keep my pc fast and clean for gaming.

There is no way I know of to get all the data off an iOS device and sort through it. iTunes is the only way to get a complete data dump, and even then you can’t really sort through it. This is especially painful if you have application data that is stored within an application’s sandbox. Game saves are a big problem, for example. There used to be a program called iExplore that let you sort through some stuff, but I think Apples increased security might have made the app unusable.

What apps and data are you talking about? Photos and the like you can use things like Dropbox Camera Uploader, Google Photos, iMessages I don’t know if you can archive. Some of them come back after an encrypted iTunes backup, but I haven’t done one in a while to know for sure.

Edit: it is still around. https://macroplant.com/iexplorer

Are you sure about that? I do local backups of my iOS devices every month and don’t turn off Find my X.

I read it as “has been running terribly” because alot of people subconsciously auto-grammar and spellcheck stuff when we know the context and I also own an ipad that runs shit too.

Yes. It was very explicit.

Well I just made sure Find my iPhone was on and backed it up to my iMac. It worked fine. No messages to turn it off and it didn’t do anything like turn it off for me. When was the last time you tried it?

Early September.

I misspoke, though. What I was thinking of is that you can’t restore from backup with Find my iPad on.

Ahh ok. Thought I was going crazy there.

If we had been talking about the same thing there’s a few variables we could have looked at. But we weren’t. Sorry about that! :)

OK! I’m getting Jeff set up with a new iPad Pro… because god damn it he deserves 120hz scrolling.

I don’t have words, and I know I’m going to cry my eyes out at my CF psychology appoint today because of the care and kindness that surrounds me.

This story seems a bit prescient to the ipad. The transplant doc was brought in to consult while I was for this hospital stay. It wasn’t needed since I’m still deferred for the foreseeable future, but it was nice for him to say hi. I was trying to type my Mom about it yesterday and detail what he said My ipad takes a while for the text to come out and it’s not always right. So I sent a text about it, said good night and just let it do it’s thing since it can take minutes for the words to actually arrive and send.

Woke up today to see what my Mom responded with and saw I’d called him “Dr. Girlish”. His name is “Dr. Girgis”. I felt bad because he’s such a nice doctor and my Mom may have thought I was making fun of name.

Thank you :)


i use a paid version of www.iphonebackupextractor.com