Absolute most propeller-headed Kinect hacking forum?

I am drooling with anticipation of the official Windows Kinect SDK coming out “this spring”. And I have some major nerd questions about Kinect in general. Does anyone know of some hardcore tech-heavy Kinect hacking forums?

My main question is about Kinect latency – how much of it is in the hardware / data transfer, and how much in the image processing? Because if the former is relatively fast compared to the latter on the 360, it bodes very well for Kinect hacking on the PC where main processors are much faster. Also I want to know about Kinect image processing on the GPU and about tradeoffs in streaming Kinect image data to the GPU, e.g. when is it a win to do that versus just having the CPU chew on it?

Anyway I know this is not the ideal place to ask these questions… so, where is?