Act of War High Treason Expansion Pack Demo

I downloaded this demo the other day, and have been playing around with it a bit.

Its pretty cool - almost enough to convince me to buy the Gold Pack when it comes out later this month. I overlooked the original release as just another Command n Conquer clone, and figured I would wait till it hit the bargain bin.

It is still picking up on the Command and Conquer vibe, but it does have a much grittier “future warrior” feel going on. I think I read in another post it introduced some cool interface elements - the way it handles airstrikes is very neat.

I dont like the finite resources though. I am a massive turtle player, and like to build up my impenetrable fortress, before rolling out and grinding the AI into the dust, as I very slowly inch forward and grab and control choke points with fixed defence emplacements :-) That usually takes a while, and needs plenty of unlimited funds rolling in (No matter how slowly)

The Naval stuff looks interesting as well. You can only play the Naval stuff in the demo multiplayer at the moment though, so I have only tried that out in “sandbox” mode without a Computer player.

Anyone else play this demo or the original? Is it worth getting? I pretty much would only get it for the Single Player, so is the original campaign decent at all? (eg not pathetically Dawn of War short!)

I played a little bit of Act of War. It seemed ok. It didn’t hook me or my other RTS buddies and quickly fell of the play list.

Talroc, I’m pretty sure we’ve had some spirited Act of War threads here before. It’s absolutely worth getting. The campaign is long enough, but not terribly interesting. It’s perfectly fine as a skirmish game.

And the resource model isn’t strictly finite. If you want to turtle, take a few enemy prisoners to generate infinite resources! However, like most RTSs, Act of War is largely about map control, so someone who turtles is going to be at a disadvantage.


People play skirmish with RTS games? Really? The only time I play skirmish to maybe try out a quick tactic or figure out why I’m messing something in multiplayer. It’s either the single player campaign or online in almost all RTS games.

Yeah, I am sure there was, I somewhat remember reading them

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