Adidas no longer support Gay

Adidas no longer support Gay

I must say I agree, there is no way they should support. I was willing to give Armstrong benefit of the doubt, but this is clear-cut case of failed drug test.

Leave it to Sinij to word it this way.

Those bassturds…

I think I would have gone with:

Adidas Drops Gay Support

Adidas on Gay: No Place in Our Company

Major Shoe/Clothing Company Wants Nothing to Do with Gay

Ah yes, good old Tyson Homosexual.

Adidas gives Gay the boot.

Adidas, Gay pack it in.

:) 345


But as misleading thread-titles go, I think I have the winner:

Adidas No longer Gay-Friendly

With the athlete available for other endorsements now, rival shoe companies are reportedly buy-curious.

You can tell I don’t follow sports or athletic gear companies product lines. I had no idea Adidas had a gay support line! What a creative cross-market advertising strategy!

/must keep “Wait? Wut? AMAZING!” look on face a few seconds longer …
//just one more second …

If he’s feeling particularly depressed about losing his endorsement, perhaps he could visit