Admit it: who else plays World War II Online?

JESUS BUKKAKE CHRIST is there a fucking way to turn off the air raid siren???J!LJKL:K!@U#([email protected]

God damn it’smore annoying than AI firing non stop.

Old old thread, back again but the damned game is still going somehow or other.

I played during the closed beta (sad days those) and up through the first year then on and off since then. I usually end up getting a month around Christmas each year for some reason or other. It’s fun if you have a buddy to play with, but it’s never been quite what I’d hoped.

Considering trying it again in the near future, just wondering if anyone else had revisited it lately.

LOL I just noticed that the majority of the posts were from 2005.

Yeah, I actually searched for a relevant thread before posting and found this. :)

I’ve given it a shot lately.

I think it’s worth trying. There’s definitely nothing else like it out there. The game engine is hurting, even a top-gear rig is going to have issues when, for example, flying over a large town, despite the modest graphics. Gameplay is much more organized and regular, but on the downside battles are also more formulaic. Even the air war has gotten a bit repetitive with the introduction of map-wide “radar”, which was introduced to fix the modestly annoying problem of bombers skirting around towns (which had bomber indicators), and has now cost fighter pilots any real chance of surprise.

Still… I did come back and play it before flaming out with a 5-page thread of softcore porn pics.

I actually re-upped my two accounts this past June and have been playing regularly since then. I’m enjoying the game for what it is with no high hopes or expectations. I realize that the game will never become the continent spanning WW2 brawl fest I envisioned it to be. I doubt we’ll ever see a 4 engined bomber nor another front - just piecemeal engine upgrades along with new toys and cities sprinkled in here and there sprinkled on top of the same old Blitzkrieg theater. But still, I’m always impressed when flying over a contested town watching tanks, infantry, and anti-tank guns duking it out knowing that each and every unit down there is player controlled. KFS1 has videos up on YouTube showing off the scale of these battles ( for those that are curious.

I remember buying this game the day it came out many many years ago. I was so excited to play! Too bad all I ever did was run across fields for halves of hours at a time with no action whatsoever.

Im amazed its still going, played in beta and had fun but boy was it a mess back then lol. Shows you that if you get a ok player base most anything will keep going.

I do still play from time to time.

Its just a shame their infantry game is so shoddy, with a respawn and spawn system that utterly lost the plot.

Love their vehicle and plane engines tho.

To this day, “I will taxi, to victory” still gets a laugh out of me and I try to work it into conversations now and then.

The infantry game always annoyed me, but a swarm of clan tanks was always heaps of fun and a great challenge to coordinate and pull off! No longer playing, and the time commitment of getting into the fun of team-based play probably means I never will play again.

I played for maybe a year total broken up over a few spurts. This is one of those games that had lots of potential, but there’s just too much stuff that needs fixing for it to ever be successful or fun. The devs have extremely limited resources, and they squander what they have on stupid shit instead of fixing the myriad of problems the game has had SINCE LAUNCH. Lag issues, horrible frame rates, god awful hit detection, not to mention how incredibly easy it is to turn off every scrap of bushes/trees in the game. This effectively removes all cover for you, meaning you can pick off players from a mile away since you basically have X-ray vision. And this is a minor video driver tweak that any idiot can and does use.

It’s just issue upon issue upon issue, and a general sense of arrogance and ineptitude on the part of the devs that drove me away. I’m a history buff and I love anything WW2 usually, and I even played with a great group of guys that I still game with to this day. I wanted this game to be great, but every time I give it another shot I realize that things are still broken :(