Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


@Kelan I’ll jump in here with everyone else, since I’ve been looking at these monitors for the last few months or so. Like everyone else here, with the requirements you’ve listed you’re basically looking at the Asus PG279Q or the Acer XB271HU like @Otagan has. These two panels are basically identical, except the Asus goes up to 165Hz where the Acer is “only” 144 Hz. Places like rate the Acer monitor slight higher but really only for slightly better QC issues.

I’ve settled on the Acer display mostly because I like the look of it better than the Asus. I’ve decided to wait for the holidays and save up to buy one at Microcenter to make returns easier (if i need to). However if I were to see on or the other on sale for a good price online I would definitely jump on that.


The Acer does have an overclock option to go to 165Hz if you really want to, but it’s not enabled by default.


Gsync stops stuttering and tearing associated with vsync on/off, it doesn’t make low framerates appear smoother… there’s still a big difference in smoothness between 45 and 90… or 144. :)


That’s not what I’ve heard, but I haven’t actually played any games below 60fps with my 1080.


What are the odds the Acer or Asus panel goes on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday? I think I’m close to pulling the trigger on one of these but we’re so close to those sales I’d hate to lose out on potential discounts.


Also anyone here have any experience with this?

I think this is the same panel as the Asus and Acer so you’re dealing with the same BLB/QC issues but at ~$100 cheaper might be a better option.


I have no BLB on the Acer.


Yeah it seems to be hit or miss although I suspect more hit than miss on all these.

It’s funny, every comment thread involving these high end gaming monitors is just page after page of pictures of these monitors without an image, just blank screens analyzing BLB. For something that’s sole use is displaying an image you’d think that would be the main concern, how the thing looks when you’re you know actually using it.

Anyway I picked this up on Newegg. I’m no expert so I’m sure it will look just fine to me. As long as there’s no glaring issues I’m sure I will be more than happy.


Looks pretty nice, @agapepilot. Congrats.

I have used a few Viewsonic monitors at home and at work and never noticed any glaring issues with them before.

I ended up just ordering a couple of the Asus PG279 monitors for my wife and I. I really like the Asus monitors we have been using at work so just decided to pick them. I may have considered that Viewsonic if I had known about it and looked into it more ahead of time.

Everything arrived yesterday and had a busy night/morning. She is running hers on the new machine I built up for her last night (6700K build) with a GTX 1070 and she is loving it. I installed my own GTX 1070 in my 5820K build and just fired up The Golf Club and ARK: Survival Evolved and loving the new look and performance so far.


@Kelan congrats on the new monitors, glad they are working out for you!

I’ll post an update when the Viewsonic arrives.


How much better are the Asus PG279Q (X34 etc) than monitors that are over 5 years old. I have a Dell u2711b that’s a 1440 that I got 2011/2012. I get a itch to upgrade but at over $1000 Canadian I am afraid I would only be making a sideways move. I don’t play FPS but Dirt Rally, Witcher 3 would be the most taxing games. I am running a 1080 video card.

4K, HDR Monitor for Gaming

So with black friday and holiday sales coming up, I’m about ready to pull the trigger on a new monitor if I can find a good deal. I had been leaning toward the ASUS PG348Q or its Acer twin, but the cost is hard to swallow, when there seem to be similar (giant WQHD IPS >60Hz) panels for much less if I switch over to AMD. I need a GPU upgrade no matter what, but I’d been resisting out of a combination of residual company loyalty, and the nonexistence of a good competitor for the GTX 1070 that can be expected to drive 3440x1440 above 60Hz.

Anyone have experience with this one?

As far as I can see, it ticks all of my boxes, and compared to the ASUS it only gives up 25Hz for a $500 savings.

There’s also this one, which also sacrifices the ultrawide, but knocks the price down to only $300 with an upcoming coupon:"-QHD-Monitor.product.100312359.html

Getting either, I could probably limp along with my existing GTX 670 for a while until hopefully AMD gets their new higher-end card out, but who knows when that will be. Anything else pop up recently that would be worth considering?


Your Costco LG monitor is non GSynch, unlike your Asus. Not sure if you noticed that. I have a similar Dell, with a 60 Hz cap. I don’t feel I’m missing anything…


Yeah, those are both Freesync, hence why I was talking about getting an AMD GPU. Sorry if that was unclear. I wouldn’t mind paying a bit of a premium for Gsync, but $500 is excessive.

For putting this much money in, I really don’t want to be stuck at 60 Hz for the next decade. I did a bit of testing at work a while back, and noticed a big jump in smoothness going from 60 to 90 Hz, but going beyond that to 120 and 144 hit major diminishing returns, as the difference was barely perceptible. I didn’t specifically test with 75, but it seems like it should hopefully be a good middle ground while not being insanely demanding to actually run games at.


That’s weird - it’s not mentioned in that link. My own thinking is this will be a relatively short lived monitor until OLED and HDR settle down, and that the lengthy life span of previous monitors is as much to do with their lack of progress for a while than anything more fundamental. I think you’re in a win win situation. Monitors are suddenly awesome :)


Found on FatWallet:

If anyone’s looking to purchase a 24" 1920x1080 monitor, Dell’s got one on sale right now for $89.99 for the next day or so. It says $189.99 when you first get there, but if you put it in your cart and apply the coupon code SAVE52 it takes $100 off.

Free shipping too! HTH.


Just a note about that monitor: it only has VGA and DP connectors. No HDMI or DVI.


Thanks J_Thomas. Good to know; I didn’t think to check on the ports.


Dell has the S2716DG for $499 now, and I could do that. But I don’t play FPS’s , the fastest moving games I’ve played in a while are action RPG’s like Grim Dawn and Path of Exile. So I’m wondering about the U2717D, which has slower response times (“8 ms typical” vs 1 for the 2716) but maybe better colors? Does anyone have thoughts on this? What sort of speed do I want to action RPG’s- is the 2717 fast enough? and it is it discernably prettier ?


Assuming I don’t want 4k… this seems like a pretty good deal? 27" and 1440p are close to non-negotiable since that’s what it’ll be paired with.