Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


DisplayPort, esp. if it’s a high refresh screen.


Yep, this is the futures! DisplayPort!


Thanks, DisplayPort it is! Now I just need to find somewhere in Darwin that sells the right cable.


Embrace the green.


Yes, imagine like you are viewing everything through a pip-boy!


I rejected the Pip-Boy look (hard to fit the monitor on my wrist) and instead managed to track down a DisplayPort to Mini-DisplayPort connector. It wasn’t looking good there for a while, and I was beginning to wonder whether everyone* in Darwin was connecting their ridiculously expensive massive curved monitors to their PCs using a VGA connector.

Finally, success! And now I can see what a murky box I was using previously. Putting the two side-by-side is night and day, I can’t believe I used to do photo editing on the old one! :o I mean, at least I understand how to read a histogram, but still.

So I’m a 1440p IPS convert! At least until I discover no doubt that my 970 won’t drive The Witcher 3 at 1440p with everything turned on like it did before at 1650x1080 ;)

*all three people who bought one here


Welcome to the club! Now you too can be miffed when games fail to support UI scaling, and you have to drop to 1080p to be able to read tiny fonts! :)


Fortunately I can always sit closer to the screen if that happens! The first couple of games I tried, I was a bit disappointed. But then I realised that I hadn’t yet changed the resolutions to 1440p, so they were upscaling from 1650x1080 (which obviously looked a bit crap). One quick change later, and now they look beautiful.

Doom, which maintained a solid 60 fps at 1650x1080 (GTX 970), manages to hold the same at 1440p for the most part, but when it gets really hectic it drops down to the low 40s at times. Looks like I might have to keep that one running at HD resolution, or just run it on the old Samsung instead (because I couldn’t possibly lower the detail like a sensible person). I’m impressed that you can send it to the second screen from within Doom’s video settings. I missed having two monitors.

Looks like I got lucky with the screen as well, no excess backlight bleed, and no dead pixels that I can see.


Make sure you set your 970 to scale using the GPU rather than monitor; it’ll help for those times you do need to upscale. I have yet to see a monitor where monitor scaling looks better than GPU scaling.


Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Seems the 970 is already set up to do that, but I’ll have to figure out what the monitor is doing because currently the options for that are greyed out. To the manual! Oh, there isn’t one*. To the interwebs!

*actually there is, but it’s on a CD. I don’t have a single PC in the house with a disc drive anymore.


I think I figured out what was causing eye strain with my new 4K monitor - Game Low Latency setting. How odd. Next struggle - the mouse. With 4X the area to cover than it had to before - but with a 150% desktop zoom - I’m struggling to find a setting that feels right.

I knew this was going to be disruptive, but holy shit, what a pita. I also spent hours getting the colors to look right.


Ugh, I am hoping you all can help me. It seems that the more I dig into various models and features, the more unsure I become on what I want to purchase.

I want to break into 2k gaming and most likely wait on 4k. I will be picking up a GTX 1070 and running one on a Haswell-E 5820K system and one on a newly built 6700K system most likely. I really don’t think I would like an Ultra-wide monitor. I am looking to pick up two total, one for my wife and one for me.

So, I am waffling between the following with my crude summary on what I have picked up the past few days:

Dell or Asus (maybe Benq or Acer if people have had decent enough luck with them)
60 Hz or 144+ Hz
Nvidia G-Sync or not

If I could snag a Dell TN 144Hz G-Sync one like Stusser has, the S2716DG it appears, for the price he did, it would probably be an easy choice. They appear to be over $550 now, though.

I would consider the price of an ASUS ROG monitor like Murbella was waiting on like the PG279Q for just under $800 to get the same features and IPS, but the price is making me cautious and some of the negative qualities of IPS have me concerned.

I could also go with an alternative with 60Hz, but I believe I have convinced myself I want to go 144Hz+ and G-Sync to experience it. Any recommendations I should consider or opinions on the above in today’s market? Thanks!


What negative qualities about IPS concern you? I found three downsides when researching this last month: a) refresh rate and lack of G-Sync / Freesync, b) potential backlight bleed inherent with IPS, c) input lag being higher than TN panels. So far after several weeks of using this BenQ IPS monitor, a) 60 Hz was always satisfactory for me and, while IPS can go higher it was outside my budget, b) I was worried about horror stories, but it seems they were mostly just that, and my IPS actually has less backlight bleed than my old TN panel, c) while I’m not a 20 year old Counterstrike player obsessed with every ms of lag, I admit I can’t discern any difference in lag when running my old TN and the IPS alongside from the same GPU, and subjectively it doesn’t have any real world impact on the games I’ve played since. You might be more critical than I.

TN vs IPS for me really came down to how important IQ was and especially colour reproduction / accuracy (including variation with viewing angle). I can’t stress how much better the IPS looks next to the TN, but then I rate this issue highly as I do a lot of photo work. Still, games look much nicer and more vibrant. If frame rates and response are a higher priority though, especially if you’re trying to push 4k with a 1070, you might prefer TN. I’ve definitely noticed my 970 struggling a bit more at 2k compared to the old TN. It’s still fine. No, really. But I can see it’s going to need replacing sooner than I thought.

As for BenQ, this is my third BenQ monitor and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. My previous Samsung was a good TN panel, but with age (4 yrs) it’s starting to show brightness variation and other issues. I had a HP monitor once, it was pretty good but it didn’t last long.


I’ve been very happy with the Acer Gsync 27 1440 ips and 1070,as noted up thread.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate the feedback.

@krayzkrok it is more the backlight bleed as you mentioned, I believe. While I don’t do photo work, I do really appreciate vibrant colors and believe I would really appreciate an IPS monitor.

The ASUS monitor I was looking at does indeed have a quoted 165Hz refresh rate and G-Sync, but the price is high. The input lag is higher at 4ms as you mentioned. While I don’t play a lot of FPS, games like ARK (if you could get the FPS high at all, haha) Fallout 4 and pvp in MMOs could benefit from this? I am not sure, but there are some games that play fast that I enjoy. Perhaps I could dogfight better in Elite: Dangerous! I figure if I pay a bit more for all of these features, then I won’t regret missing out on one or the other a year or two down the road.

@Misguided was that an Acer Predator monitor that you have? Those look to be about $800 also and seem to have the same specs as the Asus I was looking at.


IPS don’t have bleed, they have glow. :P

I have Dell monitor that is IPS , beautiful colors.

My Sony TV is a VA panel , also beautiful colors and darker blacks, but not OLED or PLASMA dark, also a lesser viewing angle than IPS.


This is the one I got. The only problem with it is a firmware issue in the version I got (not sure if it’s fixed in the version being sold) where one out of every hundred or so times it changes resolution, a vertical strip of 20 pixels glitches out. It’s fixed as soon as the resolution changes again or the monitor gets power cycled, which takes about one second. I’ve been very satisfied with it.

There is a tiny amount of light bleed in the bottom-right corner of my monitor, but it is only noticeable on a pitch black screen. As soon as any other color shows up, it becomes invisible. Not everyone gets that lucky, but a fact of life is that you’ll be rolling the dice on any monitor of this type that you buy regardless of who manufactures it. Just remember that the reviews you see online are not reflective of the average rate of light bleed issues, since a larger portion of the people with problems will post reviews than the people who don’t have issues.

I’d say IPS is more important than G-Sync, which is in turn more important than 144Hz, having gone from having none of those things to having all 3. I’d give up the refresh rate before giving up the other two, easily, if cutting corners was necessary.


Note my deal was a “refurb” (as far as I can tell, it was new) from the Dell Outlet stacked with a 30% off coupon. I haven’t seen it new for under US $489.

The coupon is not currently valid and I don’t see any S2716DGs in stock right now anyway. Keep checking and when they have one, get it with a coupon and you can get a comparable price. Just takes patience.

It’s true, I am the undisputed emperor of deals.


Right, the Acer and the Asus have similar specs. I looked up info for both and it seemed to me like there were more complaints/issues with the Asus (and I have an Asus Mobo, so no prob with buying them in general) so I went with the Acer.

To me, the framerate isn’t the selling point, because I’m not going to be running games at that high fps with a 1070 at 1440. G-sync is the winner for me, with no screen-tearing and everything feels so smooth.


Right, with g-sync you don’t really need a high framerate-- as long as it’s over 45 or so you’re good.

IPS used to be a huge quality indicator, but like I said, my Dell is a TN panel and it looks glorious– clearly better than the PLS (samsung version of IPS) korean monitor sitting right next to it. It does have worse oblique viewing angles, but this is a computer monitor, it’s always going to be pointed at your face.