Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


If you’re patient and don’t mind a refurb, you can snag one of these for a song from Dell Outlet:

The R model (identical, but rebranded for retail) runs $450 minus whatever promos may be active at the time – assuming they’re in stock. If you’re looking for a 27" Gsync, this is currently the monitor to get.


Ew, TN panel. I know they’ve gotten better in the last few years, but I still wouldn’t want to give up IPS colors. That sounds like a good deal otherwise though.


I have an IPS monitor now. It looks like 27" IPS with G-Sync is something I can swing later on. Worth waiting over a TN G-Sync? I feel like I will notice the visual difference but I’ll be giving up response time. Worth it?


So today I woke up my PC from sleep to be greeted with a pink, stretched image on my 4k TV that I use as a monitor because it’s god-damned 40" big and an actual monitor that size would put me in the poor house. No problem, I’ve seen that before. Just turn the TV off and back on again.

Except today that didn’t fix it. Turns out, it decided it wasn’t going to play at 4k 60Hz anymore. 30Hz was fine, but no 60Hz. I tried rebooting my PC, disconnecting and reconnecting power to the TV, spent way too much time fucking around in the nVidia control panel and TV settings, tried replacing the HDMI cable… and even brought over my old PC with the GTX970. Same thing. Pink at 60Hz.

Threw up my arms in disgust, moved the old PC back, reconnected the new PC back up… and it’s now working at 60Hz again. ffs. What am I supposed to do, never turn off my PC and monitor ever again? Ugh.

Guess I’ll start thinking about a real 4k monitor. A small one. :(


I’ve been considering a WQHD monitor to replace my current ASUS 27" 1080p TN panel.

I’ve been eyeing this ASUS 27" WQHD TN panel for $259. (Edit: previously thought this was a VA panel based on an incorrect answer on an Amazon Q/A)

I’ve always been fine with my current TN panel…not sure I’d really care tons if I had a higher quality IPS.

My graphics card is a Geforce 960 so I’m probably not going to be able to run any demanding 3d games at full res but I’m looking forward to the higher desktop resolution.

Anybody have any thoughts on whether this is a good deal and a good monitor?


Still waiting for this.


If the G-Sync premium wasn’t so much, I’d recommend it for everyone.


I’ve been looking for a new monitor, but it really seems like we’re smack dab in the middle of a market transition from 1080p to 4k. You can pick up a great 1080p monitor for $150, but a decent 4k monitor (I’m looking at both in the 27" range) is at least $350. So I was looking at WQHD monitors. They’re the middle of the market. However, if you want one that has a USB-C (3.1) input, then you’re looking in the $500 range. *sigh* (This is for a new MacBook Pro that has only USB-C ports.)

I’m partially tempted to pick up a good $150 1080p monitor with a dongle.

Otherwise, I’m thinking about this, but I can’t help but think that if I get a $150 1080p monitor and wait until the Fall that there will be some 4k monitors with USB-C in a more reasonable range.

@Rod_Humble You have a new MBP with the USB-C ports, right? Do you have any recommendations for an external monitor?

The problem with it is that I have a 15" MBP that requires 85W for charging. The only USB-C monitor that I see that supports that, for now, is the insanely expensive LG 5k monitor that is sold exclusively by Apple.

I guess the USB-C peripheral market isn’t mature yet.


See, I think 4K on a 27" display is too high a PPI. If that were a 30-32" unit then it would be far more tempting.

Personally, at this point, and if at all possible, I’d wait for more HDR displays to hit the market. My dream is a curved ultra-wide HDR (100% HDR) with Gsync, probably cost me $2k or so in 2-3 years. But so choice.


That’s sort of why I was leaning towards the Acer that I linked. Seems to be a good pixel density to size ratio. Maybe I’ll go ahead and pull the trigger.


Heya! I do not have the new MBP. After looking at it in depth I will be making the switch back to windows laptops for my next machine.

I hate doing it as I LOVE my mac but I just refuse to get on board with the strategy of cutting costs by removing needed ports while maintaining a premium price point.

It would be nice if Apple reversed course but sadly that doesnt seem likely. Which sucks as I really enjoyed programming on a mac, on the plus side, more games to play I guess :(


I hear ya. I was skeptical, but I’m actually really happy with the purchase. USB-C is pretty convenient when you have peripherals that work with it, but dongleville when you don’t. Since it seems like it may becomes the next ubiquitous protocol/connector, I suspect it will just become easier to find compatible devices over time. I bought my wife a little legacy hub that attaches to USB and it pretty much serves her needs for plugging things into her new computer.


YMMV, but I noticed some Acer XB271HU (27" WQHD 144Hz G-Sync IPS) monitors on clearance for $499 at my local Costco. They list for $799, so that’s a pretty solid deal if you’re in the market for a new gaming monitor.


Awesome! I hope so! I would love to stay on a mac (or go back to it). I guess we will see how things shape up over the next year or so.


Damn, I bought one last June and love it. Great price.


I decided to get a cheap monitor for now so that I can a) spend more time pondering fancy monitors while their prices drop and b) do the work that I need to do that will be a lot faster with a second monitor. I do some volunteer work on the side and suddenly have a lot of work to do for the org & my laptop screen is feeling cramped.

The local Best Buy had this deal going on, so I picked one up this evening. So far so good, though I suspect it won’t be too long before this becomes my wife’s second monitor and I pick up a nicer external one for myself.


I have the tMBP 15" and the LG 5k monitor at work. Works great but yes, very expensive. And unfortunately it only has USB-C ports, it doesn’t daisy-chain thunderbolt. So I have two cables going to my laptop, one for the LG monitor and a USB-C/displayport adapter for my second monitor.

I’m not aware of any other choices that will provide 85w charging as well… yet. They’re coming.


Well I too was going to hold out for 4K monitor price drops down the road but my 1440p Korean IPS just gave up the ghost this morning and so I kinda need something like right now.

Since I’m running with a Radeon 295X2 I’d like to get a Free Sync capable monitor and the ASUS MG279Q has received good reviews. Any thoughts on this?

Do you guys spring for extended warranties on these things either through the store or through Square Trade?


Well, excepting the tiny microscopic(5 pixels long?) ant which chose to die between the layers of the panel or whatever, I really enjoy my free monitor. Though I’m not using any freesync on account of my nvidia GPU.


FreeSync is software-agnostic, yes? Meaning games don’t have to be made to explicitly support it?