Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Jeez, I thought Windows 10 was responsible for this crazy hitching that was causing me to NOT be impressed with g-sync and my Ti card. I did benchmarks last night and was apalled at how janky everything was running. After doing some troubleshooting I identified the culprit as the Precision XOC software! I uninstalled it and everything started flowing like molten butter over hot glass. Holy shit. The g-sync tech is the real deal, boys, and getting 80-100fps (or more) on every game I tested even at max settings (including nonesense settings like Hair FX) is just astounding!

That XOC software is really garbage though, I don’t know what was going on with that, but it’s gone and it will not be missed. I better stick with MSI Afterburner I suppose.



RivaTuner was last updated in 2009. It has since been licensed by computer hardware vendors and integrated into various overclocking utilities, including MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision X (prior to version 16), and ASUS GPU Tweak.

In 2014, EVGA terminated its contract with Alexey and was subsequently discovered to have engaged in source code theft after releasing a clone of RivaTuner that was claimed to be an in-house design. The resulting community reaction caused EVGA to redesign its overclocking tool.



That’s interesting, but I don’t get the relationship between EVGA’s new XOC software’s history and my issues with it causing hitching?


Me neither, but they’re obviously cheap and dodgy and should have stuck to licensing Riva. ;)


Ah, well from that point of view, I completely agree. I was furious when I found out having that running it was causing so many issues. I’d spent hours running benchmarks and not all that impressed with the results, and the hitching was maddening. Such a waste of my time. At least it was an easy fix, though.


Luckily Afterburner is a pretty great tool, as is the bundled Rivatuner Stats Server for putting the monitoring overlay in-game.


Good to know, thanks!


I currently have one of those 27" IPS Korean monitors from 2012. Would the Dell 27" TN with g-sync be a better panel for gaming and Microsoft office apps?


Is there any particular reason to use the driver CD that came with the Ultrasharp on Windows 10?


No reason not to. Better Windows see it as the model it actually is, and not as a generic PnP monitor. Also, you often get some profile settings that you can use to ensure gamma and other settings are working properly if you install the driver.


Well, Windows is definitely seeing it as the model it is. Bizarrely, when i first turned it on, Windows tried to send the sound to it (it was connected via Displayport). It registers as a playback device, apparently.


Both my monitors do that, and from time to time (not even after a reboot, but also after a reboot) I have to go into my sound set up and disable both monitors so my speakers resume primary role. I have no idea why, it’s fucking annoying to launch a game, have no sound, and have to close out and fix that every week or so. Started when I began using display port.

EDIT - Apparently you can disable the HDMI audio device in Device Manager to prevent this behavior, but it will also prevent audio from working in any HDMI device. That’s probably ideal, actually, so I’ll try that when I get a chance tonight.


That would kill my Rift headphones, so no go.


Reading some more, that might not fix it either. Someone else said it was Nvidia doing it, and to disable the Nvidia audio driver? I’ll take a peek when I get home.


Right, when I update Nvidia drivers, the HD Audio driver it wants to install seems to set my default device to the monitor speakers. If I don’t install that it’s fine.


But the monitor doesn’t have speakers…


Neither do mine.


It does have 3.5mm jack for headphones (and volume controls in the OSD) though. Since audio is part of HDMI/Displayport, I’d imagine most monitors do even if they lack speakers?

I don’t have this problem. I do have HDMI audio devices present but they’re greyed out as I never install that part of the Nvidia driver package (only gfx driver and physx).


Makes sense, and is likely the case.

I uninstalled the NVidia audio driver and lo and behold, those devices vanished. Man, that’s such a relief, thanks all!

I should have realized it sooner, looking at the entries they literally say Nvidia HD Audio. Should have clued me in.



For a 15" 2016 MBP – are there any USB-C monitors out there, other than the LG ones that Apple sells, that are worth considering? While I don’t currently have a gaming PC, I do have Windows installed on my Mac and would like to pick up something that will work well for gaming but will primarily be used to give me more screen real estate for the various programming tasks that I do (usually in MacOS).

I’ve been eyeballing this but it looks like it’s still a few months out:

Anybody know of a similar monitor, ideally that can be driven in MacOS and Windows 10 through the USB-C port? (I haven’t had a ton of luck with HDMI converters on this machine…)