Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


Do you really type on that ultra old skool mechanical keyboard? The other day I fished one out from my parent’s house. Between that and my Dell membrane SK-8115 (still pretty old skool), I pick my Dell every time.


Every damned day. Even have a Mac version at work. I hate typing on anything else. I’m tying on it right god damned now. Sir.


Oooookay :-)


I approve on your choice of mech keyboard. Very, very nice sir.

Look a like the monitor on your left is at a precarious position!


Nope, it’s on the same type of arm as the other two, and so far feels rock solid.


Ahhh, it’s on a arm. Didn’t look like it from the photo. You have a very busy desk :)


Yeah, it’s a small desk. There’s a bookshelf connected to it on my left, so I don’t have a lot of room to maneuver.


Helps simulate that cockpit feel, right?


$100 off, cheep!


Son of a bitch!


Buy another one :)


Speaking of desks, we need a thread on decent computer desks.


Ugh, I totally agree with you. I have an office workspace desk which I bought when an office close down and they have a sale of their existing furniture. Have been happily using this for year and I changed it and being cheapskate, I went with Ikea - mainly because I like the availability of drawers and I wanted to buy the kids table, so we went with the same look and feel:

The table looked totally fine for a 21" monitor but it became extremely cramp when I put the UltraWide… I wish I had think better !! I like the aesthetics of having the same tables with the kids… and they are thrilled they can sit beside me … but it’s really not practical. Don’t make the same error as I did!


How big is the ultrawide?

I am sorely tempted to get a 32 " monitor for myself for Christmas. Entirely frivolous as the current 24" works just fine. I don’t even play that many games.

I think it’s just a small part of my lizard brain wanting bigger and better stuff.

I’m perfectly content with my other possessions, like my not so good and rather old (1988 iirc) car and some of my t shirts have holes in them (the Mrs is in the process of getting rid of them lol) but when it comes to computers I’ve always wanted the shiniest.

I even bought an Alienware a few years ago.

edit: I found this

seems like a good deal…?


Ultrawide should be 34”, at least. The only reason you need one is for increase productivity. Gaming is fine if your card can handle it. Other than that, maybe wide screen movies.


If I’m reading the description correctly, It’s a 1080p monitor. So it would be larger than your 24" but with the same resolution, meaning lower pixel density. I wouldn’t recommend it.


Well, crap. I posted the link to that Acer ultrawide back in October mainly to troll Brian, but since then I’ve been thinking about it and now I want it. And Costco has the price down to $770.


Lol, that’s hilarious


On my current monitor my graphics card (gefordert something big) has the option to double the resolution.

I have to upscale the text for folders and stuff, but it looks quite nice.

Presumably then this would work for any monitor I buy?

34 inches sounds gloriously cinematic


My son asked if he can have a curved monitor for this Christmas. They seem a little pricy though. I’m thinking about a 27" screen as there isn;t that much room for it.
So what’s important when choosing one and where can I skimp?