Advice for purchasing a new PC monitor


I have the 24 inch dell Ultrasharp, and it is just fan-freaking-tastic.


Just for reference, the panel on my 34" 21:9 monitor is the same height as the one on my 27" 16:9 monitor. I do feel compelled to sit a little farther away from the 34", more so when gaming than when browsing or such.

Given my desk/seating arrangement, I wouldn’t want anything larger. It’d be like sitting in the front row at a movie theater.


Okay, I got a 27" Dell 1440 thing.

I have a really dumb question. How do I get the mouse to speed up? I went to the pointer options under the control panel and jacked that thing way to the right, but it still feels like it takes forever to get the thing across this monstrous screen.

(No, I’m not joking - I just played a game, and it felt like I was picking up the mouse way too much. Before, I had always been able to adjust the pointer speed under the control panel, but that doesn’t seem enough.)


What kind of mouse are you using? Many manufacturers have their own software that can up your mouse sensitivity. That is also a common setting in games themselves.


Yeah. I just remembered that - I just downloaded some Logitech stuff hoping it will help.


Also look for a “mouse acceleration” setting. I find that that often has a more noticeable impact on the perceived speed than adjusting the slider does.


Here’s where it is for my Logitech mouse. I have mine at 400dpi and it’s wicked fast. I can’t imagine what 8200dpi would be like and I’m afraid to try it.


Wow. I’m the opposite. Thought admittedly, I’ve always been a wrist mouse user, which I know for games is a bad idea. But at 400, or even 800, I feel like I’m dragging the mouse all the way across the mousepad just to get across the screen. I’m so used to just flicking the thing a little bit to get where I want.


When I made the jump to 4K it took a full day of fucking with the mouse DPI settings to get it to feel right.


My new monitor is 4k, no mouse issues. Worked perfectly right out of the box.

It is quite ridiculous playing games on a screen this size.


Mine is at 1500 DPI and it feels fine there. I am also on 1440p, fwiw.

My mouse also has a toggle button to switch between 5 different presets. 400 is the Sniper button, which is what you were setting it to, and it’s designed to literally be super, super slow while holding that button down so you can fine tune your headshots.


That’s a fine mouse (is yours an original M60 from 2012?).
Been using mine for over 6 years now without a hitch.
Also at 1440p FWIW.


Weird, my mouse settings are the same in the 1440p monitor that they were on the 1080p monitor, and I feel like I didn’t have to change anything.


M65 Pro according to my Amazon history, I just got it a bit over a year ago, looks like! I really like it a lot, very comfortable and easy to use.

@BrianRubin I didn’t have to adjust my mouse when I went from 1440p really - in fact at work on 1440p I’m using a Dell mouse that has no gaming/DPI software settings and it’s completely fine. I do remember needing to make adjustments downward when I first got this mouse, the default setting was crazy fast.


I’m always at 3200 DPI (using 1440p) unless I’m doing something that requires extremely precise mouse movement. Anything less for minute-to-minute use is agony.


This is clearly an example of “whatever setting you find yourself at you will eventually get used to” I imagine. I just used 3000 DPI and it’s usable but I have no precision with it to click on stuff like… this reply button, without focusing on it a little. But I can imagine if I left it at this setting for a few days, I’d hate going back down again.


The highlighted mark is the active one, so according to that image you’re using the 1600 DPI setting.