After 17 years, Dwarf Fortress is ready for a retail release


Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam and itchio…

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Wow!!! this is actually crazy. I never thought id see DF on steam.


I could see this actually getting me to play it instead of just kind of staring stupefied from the sidelines.


Shoulda been on the Epic Store.


Steam and itchio are can certainly say they are a part of an Epic event!


Will it be early access?


Very interesting! Maybe this will mean proper mouse support is on the horizon?..
Yeah, I know… probably not.




Achievements or GTFO



too soon


That tileset looks nice! Though I assume the UI remains mouse-unfriendly?

What’s the closest thing to Dwarf Fortress with a modern UI? Rimworld?


Pretty much, yeah. Some people will say Gnomoria, but don’t listen to them.