Age of Empires, 2, and 3 coming in new Definitive Editions

Even though I absolutely loved Age of Empires, I’ve never actually played Age of Empires 2. When it came out in 1999 (or was it 2000?), I was just super busy. I had time to play light fare and games that didn’t take too much time, but an RTS? Forget it. I wasn’t even going to try. Not yet.

And then the years passed and I played other games, and it was never the right time to try AoE2.

So I’m kind of excited about the coming Xbox release. Possibly a clean slate, a new chance for me to try AoE2 for the first time after being a big fan of the first game.

Age of Empires 2 is my favorite RTS ever. If you loved the first one I can’t imagine you won’t love the second.

That person is not super hardcore (like a 75 pop player) so we’ll have to see what the community thinks. If i can finagle my way into a snow day today and keep working from home i’ll try it out.

Huh, will the PC version be getting these gamepad controls? Would be neat to try them out.

I will check when I get home in about 10 minutes.

Looking forward to trying it out.

Well, AOE2 reddit has started complaining.

Personally, as a fan of Rise of Nations, I am all for a bit of automation.

People are excited to play an old RTS using a gamepad? What a world.

@Rock8man they also are working on bringing AoE1 to the AoE2 engine as a DLC. It will be interesting to see the end result plays like compared to AoE1DE.

Now that interests me a lot, because there are so many slight changes that AoE 2 made to the game, even before AoE DE.
I am annoyed because I own AoE 1 on the MS Store, and AoE 2 DE on Steam, which means I will get 0 discounts!

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But as for X-Box version of Age of Empires 2, @roguefrog , I think the excitement for me is that they are bringing automation to players that are playing with a Game Pad. I might be okay with that, especially if I can just connect my Generic X-Box Controller to my PC and get the same perks.

Sorry @BrianRubin , finally booted up Windows. There was an update in Steam for AoE2DE, but I didn’t see anything in the options about controllers. I’ll have to fire it up with the controller plugged in to see if that makes a difference. There isn’t any announcement in the community hub, so my guess is the changes didn’t come to pc/steam, or at least haven’t yet if they plan to.

Edit: Same with controller plugged in, and it was responding to me trying to move around the menu with the controller. So it looks like not on pc.

Boooooo. Thank you for checking!

I did play through the first tutorial part on the xbox, and it seemed nice. I will have to play through the rest of the tutorial, and then a skirmish to see how it feels without the tutorial chiming in. I want to see if the worker priority stuff means I can never directly assign a worker to a certain resource, or if it was just the tutorial not wanting me to mine yet. I’m guessing it has to be the latter, but you never know. :)

Overall though, they definitely put some though into it.

Since it apparently locks you in to controller or keyboard when you start a game on Xbox plus there is crossplay, I don’t see why they wouldn’t put the same at least in the pc version.

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Spirit of the Law gives us a hint of what is to happen.

I only played the first tutorial, but I’m really loving it so far. So gorgeous. And I just love the Age of Empires games for putting the instructions of how to play on the screen at all times, and they do so with the controller too, just like they do with the mouse.

Played a little of this during my lunch break. The worker automation seems great (it was my least favorite part of the game originally). The quick-use buttons on buildings are also great. My only reservation is that it seems like kind of a hassle to move using the minimap, since you have to push a button to pull it up and then push another to move. Is there any kind of fast-scroll button or toggle?

Playing this on a 55 oled on XSX, Im a convert! well Halo Wars 2 was good as well! They really put alot of thought on how to get as much mouseclicks and management onto the gamepad and it works pretty darn awesome. I usually dont gush about UI and controls, but RTS on console usually feels a little handicapped, this does not at all. in some ways I feel like playing an old game better! Would love a RoN and AoM too.

also the graphics are good even compared to AoE IV! MS really giving them alot to get these games tidy on console! im impressed!

Yes, this game is much prettier than Age of Empires 3 and 4.

Plays well on Series X, I beat the normal difficulty AI in skirmish on my first try and I’m terrible at RTS games. I think the worker automation made all the difference for me.

I would love to see Rise of Nations on console too, I like it a lot more than Age of Empires.

Hard AI has beaten me every time using controller - it’s hard to get that micro going.

Several times the AI just knight rushed me and won. Finally got a game that I held them back for a bit. I had a pretty good back and forth but I had an army of knights and skirms vs pikes and xbows and the pikes followed my knights and the xbows chased the skirms… it was pretty neat to watch… but also impossible to stop. I couldn’t figure out how to micro knights and skirms separately.

Also I don’t know how to turn off the auto AI once it is turned on, so that kind of sucks, as the AI will retool any resource allocation decisions you make. Also if you have two starting TCs as in some game modes the auto-AI send a lot of vills back and forth between TCs instead of keeping them together.