Age of Wonders 4

Something is happening. Any guesses?

Please be Age of Wonders 4. I read that as a hint that it is! [EDIT: of course it could mean any number of things, but thou shalt not fuck with my hype]

Well the 19th is this Thursday, amd 1800 CET is 1700 GMT, which is when I finish work.

With any luck I’ll be at home half an hr later and get to see most of the stream.

I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to the reactions more than the announcement.

I’m hoping it is the self evident cash cow that is a Tigran Bikini Battler. :)

I would have thought more than most here, you’d be pretty excited to hear what they drop next. I personally couldn’t give two shits about anyone else’s reaction though, far as that goes!

Do you mean to say not everyone likes the Triumph games as much as I do?


I feel like I’ve done my part in helping maintain the never ending steam thread “Please make Age of Wonders IV”

How about a fantasy version of EU 4? Less diplomacy and more combat. That would be interesting.

I’ll be shocked if this isn’t an AoW4 announcement. Paradox acquired Triumph to get that franchise and has yet to develop an AoW game under their banner. It makes a lot of sense to do it now.

Prediction 1: Aow4 will have detailed customization of leaders and heroes.

Prediction 2: There will be endless cosmetic DLC packs to customize your leader and heroes.

I don’t mind this as long as there is also endless content packs as well. I’ve always wanted a game I enjoyed as much as AoW3 to have as many content DLC expansions as Stellaris, for example.


I hope they get Michiel van den Bos to do the soundtrack again.

What could be more magical than planning, installing and maintaining urban sewer infrastructure?

Urban sewer infrastructure with sentient rats maybe?

Don’t mind me, just looking for my leek. I could swear it was around here…

Oh? Is there a tasty leek out there we don’t know about?

Happy to back this. Universe, over to you.

I literally just came here to post! I’m so excited!!!

Hah, I was going to put the tweet, but I see now someone did it already yesterday, even in a new thread and everything.

Can’t wait to see what the thread title turns into after they announce it.

As someone who has always loved the idea of the Age of Wonders series but has inevitably bounced off them pretty quickly due to a strategy layer I found lacking, this may really be the one! That’s assuming they continue along the lines of Planetfall which I’ve actually rather enjoyed. Their fantasy setting with a refined version of the Planetfall features would do it for me.