Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

My fundamental problem is that I start playing for a while, then eventually one or more AIs declare war on me, and then eventually attack me with like 3 armies over 1k each. I could not afford such armies at that point in the game usually.

I had this problem in AOW 3 and the solution was always to try and hold off contact with other factions as long as possible. So I had to be really careful with scouting. I’m still in my first game in Planetfall but I was able to compliment one of the two neighbors I met and keep them content for a while. The Kri’ko guy hated my guts from the start regrardless. He’s dead now. :)

Thanks. I have that on my list. I probably should have researched it sooner. Any recommended Dvar defensive mods?

Does anyone know what the numbers circled with a red/brown background in the bottom left of each of the unit choices in the build list mean. I thought it would make sense if they were the number of each unit I’d already built, but I absolutely do not have 5 Vanguard Engineers or 3 PUGs. There’s no tooltip that I can tell, and the number doesn’t match anything on the unit card.

I’ve never noticed them before, and am playing campaign (whereas I’ve mostly been playing scenarios until now), so I don’t know if I’m just not observant, or if they just got added with a patch, or they’re supposed to mean something for the campaign.

I think it’s the number of new mods the unit can use since last time you opened the manage screen for it? or maybe since the last time he modified it? it’s new mod since something but I’m not sure what

Wow @Piemax2 how did you figure that out!

It seems to be the number of mods available for each unit. But only if you haven’t opened the unit up in the modifier/customizer screen. As soon as you go to the “Manage Mod” screen and open the unit up the numbers goes away in the unit build queue.

Oddly it doesn’t show up in the list of units in the “Manage Mod” screen, which seems like where it would be most relevant.

A bit of a tangent, but I felt like Rule the Waves 2 has an interesting approach to that. You can have a decisive fleet battle that wins the war for you, but the wars themselves are less decisive, strategically. You win the war and gain some reparations and new colonies. A good portion of the enemy’s capital ships are on the bottom of the sea. But now you need to spend more of your budget to defend the new colonies and maybe the government doesn’t see your vanquished foe as much of a threat anymore so they may cut your funding.

Add to that ships that rapidly become obsolete and the decisive advantage you got by sinking a few of their battleships can erode over years of peace, and economically weakened foes that have a grudge against you can later team up to pose more of a threat.

That’s a very different sort of game though.


Although all the mechanics you mentioned sound intriguing.

Just in case it helps anyone…
A sector with an explotation starts as level 1.

It can then be upgrades 2x with the right tech, such as Food Development tech and build the Food Sector Level.

It can then be upgraded with via the terrain such as researching the Fertile Plains Exploitation and building the Fertile Plains Sector Level.

Lastly, the clime can be upgraded, such as researching the Fungal Exploitation tech and building the Fungal Sector Level.

If you want to be able to level up a sector to it’s max (5), you want to stick with these combinations

Arcadian Climate (Food Or Energy)
Fertile Plains (food)
Forest (food)
Mountain (energy)
Ruins (energy)

Arctic Climate (Knowledge or Production)
Fertile Plains (knowledge)
Forest (Production)
Mountain (Production)
Ruins (research)

Arid Climate (Energy or Production)
Forest (production)
Mountain (production or energy)
Ruins (energy)

Fungal (Food or Knowledge)
Fertile Plains (Food or knowledge)
Forest (food)
Ruins (knowledge)

I do like the scouting/vision options in this game compared to AOW3, but I still have issues with the fact that the AI has full map vision at all times. The new options like deploying monitors and building forward bases help, but the AI can still put a 3-stack together, avoid your army, and perpetually hit you wherever you don’t have enough defense. Sure, it makes it harder, but I find it damn aggravating especially when fighting a multi-front war.

I do like that there’s fewer armies compared to AOW3, but that kind of exacerbates the problem: In order to fight their megastacks, I need a megastack. But if I move my megastack to one location, I’ll immediately get sniped in another. The AI shouldn’t have to rely on these cheats, especially when they have the same expanded suite of scouting tools that the player does. Overall, I’m really enjoying the game, but this particular aspect grates on me.

I have this problem where I play the game, but then the other players are also playing the game. Then they’re stronger than me, and I lose.

So I just asked a question -(in Tom’s stream) - say you build a colonizer… I get that it can colonize a new place… can it also give you a settlement if it goes to “the wire” --I mean otherwise all you get is an “outpost” so can a colonizer grab you some settlements to exploit?

I didn’t realize the AI could “see” everything. No wonder I’m getting sniped left and right. I just irritation-quit my current game because of it.

I think I’m going to go back to Thea 2 for a bit, give myself a chance to regain morale for this game.

I don’t doubt you at all, but so far I haven’t noticed this. I haven’t felt like the AI has done an end run around things it should know about. I’m playing a medium map. I wonder if my empire hasn’t been large enough to require the AI to avoid stuff to get to its target.

I have no idea how I made big bold text there. But the question remans: If you can build a colonizer and just link the main settlement with everything around it --why that is a good strat.

Could you rephrase? I’m not following…?

Are you talking about annexing sectors to a colony? If so, you don’t need a Colonizer for that, you just need enough population in the colony and any unit to stand on the “pin” for the sector you want to annex.

Kir’ko forward settled my Dvar so it was go time. My three stacks versus theirs at the second city I reached, and I think those battles are where the game really shines. Just a massive tidal wave of bugs breaking against my trenchers- but at enormous cost! Meanwhile, my own attack force of Paragon dead enders just fall short of taking their flank. The exhausted remnants of both sides meet in the center and I barely, barely come out on top. But where once I had three stacks, now there is one.

yeap I will rephrase. So mostly as I do the campaign I am told “you can annex a sector”

And I get that you can make a colony van to go grab a sector that has no intersecting sectors to your main base (or any other “colony”)

What I am not sure of is if I have a colony mobile … can I take advantage of that and make a dedicated sector? In other words can colony mobiles help with uniting sectors as opposed to just creating colonies? Seems like some infill would be nice.

Bottom line is I am wondering if “colonizers” can help with building out infrastructure in colonies.
(I am asking here but I will be experimenting in game-- it just seems like colonizers can (and I mean those vans ) do more than “colonize”)