Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

I now have a most anticipated game of 2019:

Age of Wonders in a Science Fiction setting. Created by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive.

Welp, there goes my wallet. Ugh… imagine all the DLC were are gonna get.

Daaaaang, that’s something I didn’t know how much I wanted until just now.

Interesting but so wary of Paradox’s monetization that I’m gonna wait several months after release before even considering.

Looks good but so did ‘Beyond Earth’…and we all know how that turned out…

Second time I have seen this comment. I don’t understand the logic. One company launches a space version of a big game that didn’t turn out so great, so now we should be skeptical of others doing it? It’s a sequel, not sure why the fantasy vs sci-fi setting makes it more likely to suck.

There is no logic, because it’s a dumb comment.

2019? Man, I really thought it was going to end up being Sep/Oct 2018. Ah well.

It seems neat, but we don’t really know anything about it? Or am I missing something? The bits of info @kerzain assembled (excellent job, btw, on the new thread!) are interesting taken individually, but I can’t get a sense of what this game will actually feel like. The screenshots look amazing though, but a part of me is a little sad we aren’t getting an Age of Wonders 4 that looks like that.

Age of Wonders framework, done as a sci-setting. Very interested.

It looks like there is a Triumph Studios 90 minute stream on today’s schedule (at 11:30am CDT) so I may tune in for that. In the meanwhile, here is some additional information from the Triumph forums.

  • 6 “major” races. Pre-release name: Space Dwarves made it into the game! \o/
  • Various “technologies” which roughly correspond to classes or spheres of magic of the previous AoW games.
  • Permanently flying unit mechanics have returned as the game now has a stronger focus on ranged combat, with cover and overwatch mechanics built in.
  • Larger battlefields than AoW3 with interactive objects that can used for cover and even destroyed under sustained fire.
  • Leader and hero units with many capable of being upgraded and changed to meet different threats. This keeps low tier units competitive through micro-management.
  • A similar dwelling system to AoW3 with 4-5 races being featured such as the “undead” in the form of cyborg warriors. They may have a greater impact on the game.
  • Sector system is a refined and upgraded version of the mystical city upgrades from AoW3.
  • Sector system lets you snake across the map and effects where your settlements can be built.
  • Sectors can be broken apart by the enemy further incentivizing economic wars.
  • Random Map Generator content during the campaign. Main story lines are fixed, however, most of the maps will be randomly generated. This results in secondary storylines which effect later campaign levels!

General information:

  • In contrast to AoW3, your Race is flavored by your Class, as each race has its own unique mechanics.
  • Diplomacy will be more relevant than in AoW3.
  • Adjacent hex system has returned.
  • Stack size remains at 6, akin to the AoW3 model.
  • The overflow of excess production and research points has been confirmed.
  • The possibility of battlefield concealment abilities, such as cover (Perhaps this means stealth too?).
  • Strategic maps are based around a single planet. (Perhaps campaigns are system or galaxy wide.)
  • Existence of magic has neither been confirmed nor denied. If its there, its much lesser of an impact. Though technology should may replace it.
  • In tactical combat, you can call in orbital bombardments or call in marine reinforcements from space.

Mod tool details:

  • Strong likelihood mod tools will be released during the games launch.
  • We will be able to craft new tactical combat maps, and partially randomize them. For example, you could make a fort and then randomize the locations of the trees and rocks around it, in an area you specify. To a site, you can assign a list of possible tactical combat maps, and a random one will be picked.

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I am watching the broadcast for the announcement and I’m super confused why they are spending time just talking (poorly - they don’t seem to have a good sense of how to explain this game) instead of showing off some actual gameplay to help people click with what it’s supposed to be about? Kind of a bad way to reveal the game, imo. 12m mark or so

@ Scott, they only got like 10 minutes to explain it.

In an hr they announced 2 new titles and I think an expansion for every single game.

And each and every one of those really would have benefited from us seeing people play it.

During the day, there were booths set up to play various titles, but neither PF or Imperator, which was a slight disappointment for me.

There was also a room laid out with the new Paradox boardgames.

I clocked out 1600 local time as have very little battery so went to my hotel to recharge it.

There’s dinner later so I’ll be back for that.

edit: I spent a good while talking to Tombles and Arno later. They know how to explain the game, they just got nervous on stage.

I think the trailer should have had some actual gameplay, or at least they should have spent a little time rehearsing what they wanted to say about it. I love Lennart, don’t get me wrong, but he looked pretty nervous up there (completely understandable) and the worst was the guy with him who just had a really hard time articulating what the game was. As someone that loves these kinds of games, it broke my heart to see this be the method by which we finally got our big reveal after waiting 3 years.

Hopefully as the day progresses we’ll get lots more information, footage, and the like.

in screenshot number 3, the guy in a brown in coat is one of the leaders.

in screenshot 4, the battlefield extends past the fence you see there and as far as the eye can see basically. And units hiding in the cornfield will be effectively “concealed.”

That’s what led to me asking the team abiut concealment, map sizes etc and got us the info on out of map abilities (bombardments etc.)

Yeah Arno (the other guy on stage) is a gamer and game maker, not a presenter, clearly.

I personally would have loved them to have more time and to see them play a bit live.

Anyway a good sign is when the devs want to play their own game. I spoke to Corne (he’s the guy making the environmental assets, like the domes and gas tanks, and he told me they can be blown up etc,) and he was saying he wanted more time to just mess around in the game itself lol.

edit: I got a poster, and I got it signed 😁

I love what Triumph did with Age of Wonders 3 - maybe the best game in its class, but so often scifi games play the same as fantasy / real world based games but with harder to recognize things on the map and more difficult to pronounce techs. Because it is Triumph I can’t count them out and maybe they will manage to make it interesting.

Take well loved game that never appealed to me because setting, move to setting I greatly prefer, profit?

I’m going to keep an eye on this because I could easily see this working big for me.

I am hoping seeing it in action will “wow” me but I am keeping an open mind.

I love the way the screens look so that’s going to help get me on board for sure.

I’m interested. I hope I’m still alive by the time it comes out.