Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Correct - the 25% E3 discount replaces the standard 15% VIP pricing

OK - done. I went all in to get the season pass.

That’s the trade off for me. I knew I’d at least want the base game right away. May as well get the DLC at a discounted price when they come out.

Then they did their job!

Hey, I regret things that I do and things that I don’t do so I’ve got everything covered! :-)

The mechanics do sound cool. Like you I prefer the fantasy theme. Scifi is filled with so much gobbledygook. But, a good game can overcome that.

August should be a fun month!

No, they don’t stack, never have.

Yep, August is a light new release month, so you chose wisely!

I don’t want to keep anyone from preordering this, it looks very good, but do we know the 3 expansions promised with the season pass will be substantial and the only 3 DLCs this game will get?

Maybe someone has a developer quote on this one, but theoretically they could just put out these expansions in a couple of months after release and have 10 other expansions afterwards.

The wording “expansion” suggests they will be substantial, in contrary to “DLC” which can be any kind of content no matter how small and insignificant, but I’m sure you can stretch the meaning of expansion if you want to.

I don’t know, but if anyone has a bit of concern it’s best to not pre-order. I mean what, it might save you five bucks or something over the course of the year? I just buy DLCs/Expansions a la carte as they come out.

I mean, if you don’t trust the company to not be exploitative dicks, probably don’t buy a pre-order of any kind from them?

That’s a tough one, because on one hand it would be nice to support Triumph, but on the other hand, Paradox is known to be insane sometimes.

A) But that’s with their own developed games, not games they are publishing.
B) Honestly I love the huge stream of DLC Paradox puts out, tons and tons of new content baked in alongside free updates. Why would anyone want less options/content for a game they like?

The quantity of expansions is higher but it’s because they don’t let up from full production pace, a lot of other studios keep a smaller team working on post-release support while they spin up a new property.

If you’re excited for Planetfall, I don’t know what the concern would be. Frankly, I wish AOW3 received additional expansions before they moved off. I miss my Lizardmen.

I’d just repeat this:

I can fully support this statement.


Maybe planetfall will spark some ideas for another expansion for AOW3 Fantasy expansion.

No we don’t.

I’ve heard rumours of a new race or 2, and cyrogenic (cold) damage as a damage channel is an obvious choice, and new secret tech can always be imagined.

So I suspect at least one of the new dlc will be content heavy with 2 of the following 3:

  • a new race
  • damage channel
  • secret tech

and then a lighter dlc with the remaining of the previous 3.

I don’t think we will see Eternal Lords level of stuff, which added 2 races, a class and I think 3 new specialisations.

I wish AoW3 would come to Xbox, I don’t enjoy gaming on PC anymore.

Wrist problems or something?

Yeah, the mouse causes wrist pain, and a host of other PC related issues like bugs, incompatibilities, need to update drivers and hardware, and being hunched over a keyboard next to a small screen is not nearly as comfortable as couch gaming. I’ve also grown to really hate Windows, as nothing ever seems to work like it should for me and it’s been like this for over 20 years in my experience. I like Xbox (although the UI is much slower and inferior to the PS4 UI IMHO) but can’t stand the Windows OS. A few years ago I left PC gaming and have been much happier. I think I’ve put in more hours on the console the last 3 years than I did over the span of close to 40 years of PC gaming.

Locked in my pre-order @ GMG for the Premium Edition.

Gotta work on the backlog between now and August 5th!