Age of Wonders: Planetfall by Triumph Studios

Thanks for the info dumps, fellas!

I’ll be your steward today on board the HELL YEAH HYPE TRAIN. Your choice of meals includes IDK SPACE DWARVES LOL and PROBABLY HAHA SPACE MURDER ZOMBIES SHIT YES. I hope you enjoy your trip with us!

Was the Triumph event less than 15 minutes? It should have started 15 minutes ago but instead it’s people playing Skylines?

@Scott_Lufkin, in the triumph forums, it appears the interview has already finished, as ihunterkiller has posted various bits of info.

Odd. I can’t find anything in the Events section of Paradox’s Twitch page that shows it ever took place. I guess it got bumped so we could watch community managers play Cities Skylines.

Copied from iHunter/Killer’s post:

  • AoW:PF is a Mythoclogical Science Fiction game.
  • Hit chances comes into play with ranged weapons.
  • The Star Union was an ancient empire that spanned thousands of worlds.
  • A story event separated all their worlds and only now have the hyperspace lanes been reopened. Why? Who knows.
  • The many races that were once close, no longer recognise each other. Some of these include:
  • Skeleton cyborgs (We know this to be a dwelling race)
  • Miners (We can assume this to be the Space Dwarves, but it also sounds like they are a dwelling!)
  • Teraformers (No info on these yet)
  • Insectoids (Confirmed to be one of the 6 playable races)
  • Space elves are now Amazons, a race of super women that genetically improved themselves. They also continued on to modify animals, such as massive dino mounts instead of mechs. Moer than likely a playable race with that level of detail, instead of a Dwelling. But who knows ^^
  • A large element of the game is themed around eXploration. Seeking out what happened to the Star Union may be an in-game condition or system.
  • Lennart gave strong hints towards game elements related to the mystery and uncovering of hidden elements relating to your races past and its connections to the others.
  • Procedural generation is tied to sectors and sectors are tied to the story (of the Star Union).
  • Sectors are often remnants of the old empire and contains all types of random things – including quests
  • A new colony aka city management system is in place – “colony allocation resources” was mentioned
  • Diplomacy revamped and includes elements of other PDX games, like causus belli
  • Is Athla related to this new games unvierse? AoW:SM hinted at other worlds. Lennart said that we will have to play the game to find out.
  • I want to assume that that means… yes, its the same universe. I would love that! But again… who knows! 😉
  • “Vanguard … races and factions” was mentioned. Not sure what it means.
  • Heroes can pilot vehicles and Amazons pilot giant dinos!
  • Confirmed to be available for PC, MAC and Console
  • Happiness will work “better than in AoW3” on both the tactical and world maps.
  • Though its not confirmed yet, the devs are pushing to have the Randomly Generated Maps savable for future editing and personal use as scenarios.
  • The hope is that you could take a campaign map and designate which sectors are randomly set.

And some additional details picked up here and there, somehow:

  • Amazons are a playable race. Vanguard is the human/mech playable race.
  • Hit chance is changed. You can hit, miss, or graze for half damage. Exact numbers may change, but above 75% like you only hit or graze, and wont miss. Youll again be able to kill 2 enemies in 1 turn, if lucky.

Some of this sounds awesome, for sure. But I’m a little concerned about replayability with the stress on eXploration and how it seems to relate to some sort of back story/plot. Hopefully that stuff is well done in the campaign, but excited from skirmish maps vs. AI/players?

Edit: I will also say if they can give us a good diplomacy model I’ll be very pleased. AoW3 is one of my all time favorite games, but it’s really only best played as a FFA with no teams/allies even possible, because the diplomacy stuff is not great. Fingers crossed. I’ve been hoping for a game that can make me feel like I’ve really made friends/forged alliances/created bitter rivals for a long time. Stellaris does a decent job of it, last time I played.

This. I’m in because it’s Triumph, but I’m in wait and see mode.

I think the races should all literally be the same as AoW but with the prefix Space-


I’m not big on stupid names like Vanguard, but if we could stick with awesome names like Cyborg Skeletons and Space Dwarves that’d be 10/10.

Right? I think there’s something to be said in favor of owning the silliness instead of paging through the good ol’ well worn thesaurus.

Scott Lufkin:

Awesome info dumps. Lots of cool info not on the main game site.

Way too much info not on the main site. I’m super confused and to be honest, a little disappointed with this entire thing. We waited for years for this reveal and it’s been an unrehearsed and painful to watch (from an empathy point of view, note) stage conversation and a very brief trailer. The info dumped thanks to a fan that must have somehow been able to watch the interview (that for some reason didn’t air) is the only reason we know almost anything about this, and it’s frustrating the shit out of me.

It’s possible I’m missing something, maybe the interview is online somewhere or maybe there is some footage and a developer demonstration online and I just didn’t dig it up (I haven’t looked on YouTube in a few hours… no, still just the announcement teaser) so I’m hoping either I did miss some actual coverage or at least we’ll get something tomorrow.

E: Okay, now it looks like a new entry in the Events is scheduled for 5am CDT that is a half hour interview with Triumph, so I’m setting my alarm to check that out tomorrow. Everything I’ve read so far has made me think this could be an amazing game, but what it is like in my head from the snippets of info may differ from reality. We need some footage, and I’m not sure we’re getting that tomorrow (or soon).

Will it have a Triumph/AoW3 DLC model, or a Paradox DLC model?

That’s the question of the hour for me. I want full on expansions like Age of Wonders 3, they were just fantastic and a highlight of the game for me. However, I have no idea how profitable that would be compared to a shit ton of mini DLCs. But expansions are aces.

Maybe they’ll go the CivV route and do lots of both.

Norhing set in stone but from what I recall of the conversations yesterday, the devs are incoming towards AoW3 style.

Don’t quote me on that.


Ahem, most info gleaned has been by asking the devs directly (Space Dwarves, 6 races etc) and then iHK has been awesome and collated the stuff.

I very much appreciate all the information you guys have been able to get out of the developers regarding their game they have had to wait three years to tell us about.

After all, without your efforts, we’d know almost nothing.

We’re all geeks here. You did some amazing work with PoE2.

With any luck I’ll be in a position to do something similar.

See the flying unit? It occupies the same hex, at an elevation, as the small ground unit underneath.

This is huge!!!

Those alien looking things are one of the secret techs.