Airborn Kingdom - Flying City Builder

Out on consoles and PC , how the hell did I miss hearing about this game? @DoubleG brought it up in the city builder thread with a screenshot and it was like love at first sight. So I searched and saw a few more posts regarding it and it was mentioned in the city builder thread a few times. The downside of a catch all thread I guess…

And it seems a friend of @Nightgaunt apparently made this game.

And so I hereby declare this game gets its own thread! :P

Things I like 15 minutes in…

Animations, map traversal, how stuff is revealed, pause and build, and searching for resources on the awesome map and watching the neat harvesting animations.

Funny you should mention this. I picked it up on sale on XSX a little while back, but just dug into it a few days ago. I’ve seen the city builder thread popping up again lately, and though about posting in there, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m 2/3 of the way through the game (completed 2 of the three areas on the tapestry, 7 of the kingdoms). It is very pretty, and very ‘chill’- I haven’t much ever felt in danger of running out of anything, though now I’m progressing into the last(?) area, they say there’s a shortage of coal there, so we’ll see. All in all, I’m liking it, but I’m vaguely worried it’s going to come down to a treasure hunt for some specific items scattered around the map, and that’d be a bore, I think. Still, it has a great sense of style.

edit: and now I see there’s a whole discussion over there…

I bought this on Epic not long after release and loved pretty much everything about it but I really disliked the permanence of worker placement. I built a few buildings that didn’t have the materials to function so the people I put inside them did… nothing. But I needed them elsewhere! I could scrap the buildings and reassign them that way but you don’t get the materials back unless you research that tech. I thought this quirk was perhaps an oversight but turns out it’s intentional. Seems petty now but it really soured me at the time! I really should give the game another shake though, especially with my shiny new computer :D

Here comes my desertpunk star destroyer to steal all your trees

Your Tree Destroyer is very cool. Mine ended up as kind of a hodgepodge, without any particular ‘look’. I got back into the game this morning to finish it up, and decided to try to give it a theme like that. Big Mistake. At least on console, there’s no ‘move mode’ for shifting stuff around. But I tried anyway. And all that got me was a dozen or so people deserting when I unpaused to build some new paths so I could move stuff around when I had a heavy tilt. I did end up with a few ‘districts’ though- housing, farms, industry, etc.

Fun little game, and just the right length, even if there was never really any challenge on Normal mode. If there had been one more biome/Desire, I’d have been annoyed.

Free DLC just got released, adds a new area and new mechanic. And the base game is 40% off if you haven’t picked it up yet!

Sequel announced! Coming to Early Access next year. It has shootings and explodings and things!

I’m in the tank for Airborne Kingdom because, first, it’s a great city builder, but also because my friend Ben Wander is one of the studio heads. If you’re interested in it, do my friend a favor and wishlist his game!

This looks interesting.

I really dig the first one- made it all the way trig, but never went back for the DLC. That said, I’m skeptical about the addition of combat- the first was such a nice, chill game. but I’ll still check it out.

I think this is going for $9.99 on Fanatical right now-- worth it and not obtuse in its mechanics?

Definitely not obtuse. If you like the idea of a city-builder with some simple questing mechanics and exploration, it’s probably worth it!


Went ahead and bought this, and tooled around with it some. Chill, low key, pretty, but for those who’ve played it, did it seem to make your PC run hotter than you’d expect, for what it is?

Hm, I don’t remember having issues with that myself.