Alien Legacy

Alien Legacy. This was a great (though not flawless) game by Joe (?) Ybarra of Starflight fame. Starflight is probably something a lot of you can wax nostalgic about… Not I. I never played it, since when it and its sequel were out I was still gaming on my Apple II.

Anyway, Alien Legacy. Published by Sierra nearly invisibly by my reckoning. I picked it up in the bargain bin several years after its release. It’s really a great game in the Star Control II vein – some base building strategy, interesting research system, and a linear adventure plot to drive it all.

Anyone else play this? Considering I’ve seen two copies in my entire life, I am curious to know how many people encountered it.

I wrote it up for Strategy Plus, way back when… and Sierra put an embarrassing cheesy quote from my article on the box of the CD-ROM edition, something about the user interface. I liked the game, but it does demand a large amount of micromanagement to keep your production from crashing. And produce you must, if you want to win.

It was a fun game, although I never finished it. It got overshadowed completely by the build-up to and dazzling failure of Outpost; originally both came out at the same time. Obviously Sierra pushed the wrong one ;-).

I played it too, and yes, it was a nice game. I really liked how there were lots of little subplots and stories within the game. But I can’t disagree with some of the other sentiments that it took an awful lot of micromanagement once you’d started building several bases and space stations.