Aliens: Fireteam - Left 3 Dead with Xenos

3 player co-op horde shooter.

PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S - this summer.

From Cold Iron Studios, part of Daybreak Games.

It’s a nice idea for a game. (Kudos for L3D thread title, even though it doesn’t roll off the tongue).

I saw eggs being hatched in that trailer. Does that mean the game will also have civilians or creatures for the face huggers to infect? Or just your two fellow players?

Good question. The trailer did show someone fighting off a facehugger, but I think it was one of the players.

“Is this going to be a stand up fight, or just another bug hunt?”

The images are all lost, but one of the finest moments in this forum’s history was years ago when we all started to paraphrase Aliens quotes to 18th century English, using the gentlemen dandy meme.

Yeah those were great. It doesn’t really apply here, but this is the only one I kept:

I like the idea, it looks like what I really want instead of the last Space Hulk remake (which also had unremovable view sway, so I’ve stayed away from that even during huge Steam sales). But given my regular schedule and living in Pacific Time, I know it will mostly be a single-player game for me, so I am curious if it will support AI teammates & how well they will perform.

It’s at least tagged SP on Steam.

Doesn’t mean much anymore. They tag anything you can start on your own as single player, whether or not you can actually play the game that way.

I am in the mood for a brainless shooter, but was thinking Outriders, or even a COD.

Check out Call of Duty Cold War zombies Outbreak mode for some good brainless shooting. Might still be in the free week to try it out too

This seems like a happy confluence of game mechanics and subject matter.

Oh really - I’ll check it out :)

25 minutes of gameplay

  • Bots for you co-op team if you’re solo are confirmed, but “you really want to be playing with your friends” per the dev.

I really want to like this game, but I’ve been hurt before. lol

Release date is August 24 -

Did they just add “Elite” to the title? Why?

To distinguish them from the non-elites who were killed during a simple recon mission to LV-426?


Touché. I guess I can’t argue with that evidence.