All the King's Men

No spoilers:

I saw “All the King’s Men” this evening. I was initially psyched for this movie, but it’s been getting pretty savaged by the critics (something like a 35 on Metacritic), so by the time we went to see it I went with some real trepidation. Overall, though, it’s a very good movie. It’s too slow and too melodramatic (especially the music), and (without spoiling anything) it asks you to swallow too much at the end. But there are some great performances (although, like “The Illusionist,” the accents are all over the map), and for the most part I liked the script and direction and look of the fim very much. It’s a good story with good themes, and Sean Penn does a great rabble-rouser. And Anthony Hopkins is the man. Thumbs up.

Heh it’s got an awful 12% on rottentomatoes at the moment.

Seeing as torture is the new populism, I think I’ll avoid this one.