Alliance of the Sacred Suns - if CK2, Stellaris, and MOO3 (Emrich Edition) had a strategy baby

Have all the keys gone out? I still don’t have one yet.

I don’t think I have seen mine either. I got another email saying that my order is complete and giving me the old download link. But nothing about a key.

No keys here yet either. But @Texashawk did mention it will likely take a while.

Maybe he is trying to connect which keys/credit cards belong to which people on the forum? Throwing out a single key, and seeing who responded on the forum when the key went out!

He’s doxing us, and I’ve outed myself! Oh no.

Hopefully, you all understand that I am kidding. Especially @Texashawk.

He’s manually sending them out one at a time. On Discord, he mentioned he got through about a third of them yesterday.

Yes. I have several hundred orders to get through and I hope to get through all of them (in order of purchase!) by Thursday at the latest.


Any timeframe on when you think we might have publisher info and game availability (for purchase, I mean) on Steam?

It’s your fault for believing in the project so late :P
I can confirm they are definitely being sent, but be aware of the Google spam filter, just in case.

OK, that’s fair.

Then stop jerking around on gaming message boards and get to work!



Just got my key. Thanks, Steve.

All Steam keys are now out! If you think you should have a key, or you have any issues with it, please email me at [email protected]! Thanks so much to all of you who purchased before EA, and if you didn’t, please remember you can still wishlist at !


I got mine today, no issues! Thanks.

Yup, got my key today. Thanks Steve!

Got mine too. Thanks Steve!


Big update being pushed out on Steam today! Highlights: Character death, health system, rumors, secrets, assassinations, more House diplomacy options, more events, global screen help system, House successors, Threats, and more bug fixes! Enjoy!


You forgot to include a Buy button in the update!

That’s in .9. 😆