Alone in the Dark (2022)

… yet, again? :O

between this and flashback, what is the frecnh game that got the most remakes?

Assassin’s Creed?

I remember the very first Alone in the Dark being good, same for Alone in the Dark 2, but I’m not sure I even had the ability to read English or French well enough to appreciate the story.

Apparently they’ve got the writer of Soma ( a well regarded drawer opening simulator) for this one.

I didn’t even know that one had gotten a single remake.

I am very disappointed in you for not making it past the first 10 minutes of the game.
I’ll be stopping playing FFX as a counterpart.

Ok, fine. I’ll try Soma again despite the damned drawers if you keep playing FFX. People playing FFX makes me genuinely happy.

I thought you’d point out the game is Canadian, not French. But instead you got me in a different way! Well done.

Maybe the true answer is: Just Dance.

Oh I never thought about those yearly iteration games as remakes (nor did I ever play any one of those), but it seems like a very sound take.

Also damn you for making me now somewhat anticipating this, because of the SOMA writer bit XD

Pretty sure it’s one of those EA Sports games.

Those are different over the years though. At least, they consequently change regularly from what I understand. And Alone in the Dark is a real game unlike any of the others mentionned anyway!