Amazon creating an Event Horizon TV show

This looks kind of awesome - sort of. The movie is one of those that I really enjoy for the vibe and the cosmic horror time, even if the characters and actual story itself don’t really do it for me. But it does have one of my favorite single lines in a movie.

Well this should be terrifying.

I’m apprehensively balls-out thrilled for a show like this, however, I seriously doubt they’ll ever be able to crank the show up to the levels of the fan-fiction lore I’ve written in my own imagination for the movie’s universe(s). And if they tried I can’t imagine their depiction looking like anything but pure cheese…

That said, as long as this isn’t some ship full of emotional teenagers and millennials I’m tuning in asap. I can see great potential here.

Don’t go betting anything you don’t want to lose.

Adam Wingard is making the show. I really don’t care about his new Godzilla movie, and I haven’t seen the last few things he’s done, but this still makes me more interested than I was.

Yeah I keep forgetting there’s a lot of folks around these parts that like Wingard’s work a lot more than I do.

I love Adam Wingard, and I love Event Horizon (despite its flaws) but I don’t understand what we gain from either doing a sequel or spinning out the original concept across a whole show.

If there’s one thing that’s been proven over and over about horror it’s that short form horror works much better on average than longer form horror. And even when longer form horror works, it tends to be less about cool scary concepts and more about a slow build and characters we care about.

I dunno, maybe it’ll be good but I’m skeptical.

I think that’s probably the most reasonable mindset to have, personally. I dig Event Horizon - in the sense that, if it’s on and I’m flipping channels, I’ll totally watch it, but come on it’s pretty crap. It’s like the epitome of guilty pleasure for me, I need to remember this next time it comes up.

And Wingard, I mean he’s ok for sure I just don’t see what the big deal is. I thought You’re Next was pretty good but since I thought everything else I’ve seen by him was total shite, that’s probably all I got - well, like I said, I don’t like him as much as most folks around here do.

They have such wonderful things to show us.

Do we need eyes to watch it?

If they do it right, you’ll feel the horror just by listening.

There should be a lot of good warhammer 40K books to draw inspiration from for the show, so they shouldn’t run out of material any time soon. Color me excited!