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Ooh! I see Aiel and Seanchan in those pics. And maybe a Foresaken? Very cool.

Season 2 on Sept 1st

I am curious where they are going to take this, given how far Season 1 split from the books.

But, Season 1 was a bit disappointing, so maybe I am not that curious…

I really hope they can fit in the “I have won again, Lews Therin!” sequence from the second book.

Cool. It still looks somewhat cheap in places.

I wonder if some day companies could release trailers at 4k. The bitrate in youtube is so bad…

Looking forward to it. The first season had some flaws, but as a book fan I enjoyed seeing the overall effort.

The opposite for me. I watched Season 1 with the books freshly read. Some of the changes seemed fundamentally at odds with the book.

Now I am in the mood for some good fantasy reading.

All I care about is that they do the Aiel right. I didn’t spot any in this trailer but I’ve seen some photos of some. Let’s hope!

I’m generally more forgiving and easy to please for this type of stuff. I loved that scene where Logain breaks his sheild, the Shadar Logoth representation, the Trollocs and some of the casting. @Ephraim I really liked the spear maiden they showed in the first season.

I thought the White Tower looked like a big penis and shook my head over the Perrin/Egwain/Rand love triangle. The acting was hit or miss. A few other areas as well needed to shrug away.

I enjoyed it, but it’s been literally decades since I read the books and I don’t think I got much passed the 3rd or 4th book. So I wasn’t particularly tied to the original narrative.

I’m looking forward to the new season coming out.

You made the right call there. WoT started off strong then the quality sharply dropped, until the end when Jordan croaked and Sanderson took up the reins. The books had a couple truly awesome moments, but they were surrounded by thousands of pages of Rand sulking and all the various women universally disapproving of whatever the men were doing.

That’s why the WoT TV show deviating from the books doesn’t bother me at all, because most of the books were drivel. Contrast that to Foundation, some of the best books of all time.

They are a really long way from when the books needed the degree of changes they have already made, though. Not that I really care that much (except the Dragon identity confusion is dumb).

I agree. The way they are going, there will be even more skirt smoothing than in the books.

If those were the changes, I think people would be more satisfied, but they weren’t. Love triangles, mystery boxes and political modernization seemed to be where they focused.

Those Sanderson books. Not too shabby. I’d say skip the last two Jordan books and the rest are AOK.

Sanderson is a much, much better fantasy writer than Jordan was, and I say this as a long time WoT fan. I got the first book at the Stars & Stripes on the Army base in Berlin in 1988 I think. I did peter out towards the end and really need to finish the last two books one day. I’ve read a lot of Sanderson’s other stuff though and he’s become one of my go-to writers for solid fantasy.

One thing that bugged me from day one in these books though was the way Jordan stretched out Rand’s refusal to believe what he was experiencing and seeing. The sort of pouty teenage denial and stubbornness went on far, far longer than necessary, and it wasn’t just him. All of the characters were kind of idiots much of the time.

Without a doubt. Sanderson is the master of delivering supremely readable enjoyable books. He isn’t brilliant, doesn’t expand your mind or anything, but every single time he picks up his pen the result is fun to read.

To be clear, Jordan is neither brilliant nor particularly fun to read, aside from perhaps the first 2-3 books. I found the middle/late ones before Sanderson picked up to be a chore, like I was obligated to read them since I had started the series when I was a little boy and had a sunk cost.

I bailed at book 6 or 7 I think. Those were just so much of dumping more and more crap and characters onto the plate. I’ve thought of reading some synopsis of the stuff up to Sanderson and then reading his. But there was just so much bloat when I left the series I haven’t gone back.

That was me for sure. Not only did I slog through all those books, I purchased them through a book club, so I had hardbound versions of them sitting on my shelf. When I stopped purchasing them, I must’ve had 3 feet of Robert Jordan bucks with variously ugly covers sitting on the shelf. One day I actually threw them all away.

I finally recently powered through this. Bailed years and years ago around book 7, but finally figure I had to see it through. The Sanderson books were so much better written. The series had gone on way too long by that point, but those last books were much easier to wade through.

And I hope people realize they really need to go read lots of Sanderson stuff. I can’t emphasize enough that you need to read ‘Tress of the Emerald Sea’ now. It is short. Do it.