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I don’t recall the different elements really impacting the story in any meaningful way, they just expanded on the magic system and gave it a richer flavor. The AS might trip Mat with a fist of air, or heal via a water and spirit weave, etc.

Yeah, exactly… it somehow seemed salient, to me. The combinations of different elements would be an inspiration for game design, later on. “Weaving” is a pretty major theme, so… having different kinds of threads to… weave with… mattered? Nothing deeper than that.

Righto. The TV show does show weaves, at least when she opened the gate to the skimmer dimension, but all the strands of saidin and saidar are simply white, with saidin covered by a black mist to indicate corruption.

You have to think the showrunner for WoT is feeling pretty good about now (relatively speaking).

I read they spent 10 million an episode making the first season. And at the time caught some heat for the cost.

Now we’ve got RoP coming in at 58 million an episode (and if you include cost of securing the rights 89 million).

Season 2 first teasers

Ooh! I see Aiel and Seanchan in those pics. And maybe a Foresaken? Very cool.

Season 2 on Sept 1st

I am curious where they are going to take this, given how far Season 1 split from the books.

But, Season 1 was a bit disappointing, so maybe I am not that curious…

I really hope they can fit in the “I have won again, Lews Therin!” sequence from the second book.