Amazon's The Wheel of Time ++ Use SPOILER TAGS

With the major casting now announced, I think it’s now time to dedicate this series to a new thread.

Previously they so announced Moraine, so basically they’re just missing Lan and Tam Al Thor for the first season’s primary cast. And of course Fain…

I wonder if Brandon Sanderson will have as close a working relationship with this series as GoT’s G.R.R.M. did with his own show.

I’m excited about this. WoT helped me get through a pretty rough spot thousands of years ago and I never imagined it could be translated to TV or Film.

Never know of course, but the quality of these things just seems to be getting better and better.

There are only 5-600 pages that can be easily cut per novel. Not sure how they’re going to turn this into TV.

14 seasons duh

I will write books 4-10 as screenplays right now as soon as someone buys me a beer.

Here are the announcements, by the way, since the link only displays Rand for some reason:

I quite like these castings. Nynaeve has lots of braids to tug.

Thom Merrilin is a major character early on as well. And Elayne and Gawyn appear near the end of the first novel.

Good heavans. This is …. uh, well this wont end well. I would love a Wheel of Time series truly I would… but anyone who has read all these books knows that …. hmmm filler? a lot of skirt pressing? a lot of angst about being “the one” (Dragonborn) --hmm maybe it would be good for a few seasons…

I really do believe that this could be quite good if the showrunners are brave enough to take a chainsaw to all the fluff.

I know it’s Hollywood and everything, but my goodness the Two Rivers sure is full of beautiful young people, ain’t it? Sheesh.

What about poor Loial? lol

But if you remove the fluff from Wheel of Time all you’re left with are page numbers. 🤔

Nah, there are a lot of awesome scenes in the books, if you don’t fall asleep during the slow parts.

Not terribly optimistic about this being any good but I’m willing to give it a go at least. I’m envisioning something in the vein of MTV’s take on Shannara with a good mix of CW drama in the pot.

That sounds…awful

Hence my low optimism! I have higher hopes for the Lord of the Rings serires.

He’s going to be CG, like Groot.

I have to get around to reading the last two (three?) books. I stopped a while ago, after being quite a fan dating from my first encounter with the series via a trade paperback purchased, in 1988, from the Stars & Stripes bookstore in Berlin. A TV show could work, but as noted above, you really would have to have a crackerjack editor.

I stopped at book 7 or 8. I have plans to one day get to the rest of the books, if only because I’ve heard the last few were quite good and worth the rest of the slog.

One of the things I really liked about the books was the sword fights Rand had, and how evocative the names of some of the sword forms were. Reading a page full of these really sparked my imagination when I was younger:

Heron Wading in the Rushes
The Boar Rushed Downhill
Cat Dances on the Wall
The Moon Rises Over Water

I’m not sure seeing two dudes swinging swords will ever be as cool as what I pictured when I read these phrases.

I’m looking forward to Emond’s Field 90210.