American Horror Story VI


And with last night’s episode the show slips into complete incoherence. What a mess that was. This is now officially my most-disliked season.


I’m still rather enjoying this season. I could do without anymore heads bashed in this week however thank you very much.


If this show decides the back half is going to be torture porn I’m out. Last week was interesting, and after a dull first half I was excited for the show to turn a corner towards being not awful. The turn has gone past could be interesting and straight towards fuck no.


After this last episode, I am calling it as this being the worst season.


If you come to AHS looking for Ryan Murphy camp and socially progressive messaging mixed with a wee bit of blood and creepiness, then this season is a complete fail. If you stumbled into this season without seeing past seasons and thought AHS really was supposed to be low-rent Syfy horror, then this season must be a treat.


Has Ryan Murphy ever created a series that hasn’t fallen apart by season 4 or 5?


I think this is a bit different because it’s such a complete 180 on tone. His other shows have fallen apart for various plot missteps, cast blowouts, and production drama. This show is apparently going strong, it’s just has a completely different feel.

I’m not kidding when I say this season is coming off to me like any of the hundred direct-to-streaming PG-13 horror movies that come out each year. And it’s not just the found footage faux reality show presentation. It’s missing that campy purposefully scenery-chewing fun that it had in previous seasons.


Can someone post if tonight’s episode is a bit less like a bunch of people screaming while being tortured, and a bit more like some sort of story/character development?


It was more of episode 7, with almost zero development. I am really disliking the 2nd half of this season. Only 2 episodes left to go!


Yep this is just getting worse as the season comes to a close, episode 9 was 90% shaky cam footage, I don’t know how I made it to the end.

I have to believe the real life actors were happy to have their characters killed this season as soon as possible.


I only read the AV Club review, but they loved it. “Best season since 2”, but I can’t even bare to watch it.


Best season since 2? What are they smoking over there?

This season makes last year’s less than great HOTEL seem like a masterpiece in comparison.


Christ on a cracker, did that last episode blow. I can’t believe what a 180 this season made.


I wonder if the final episode of the season will just consist of an hour long apology?


On the contrary, it seemed to me to be an hour-long “fuck you” - first to the fans and then to the medium of television.

It’s going to take a lot to redeem this season.


I liked the final 10 minutes of the episode. It should have followed that pattern throughout the season, in my opinion.

I think they were trying for topical satire on the nature of celebrity and the blurring of the lines between tv and reality, but to be honest, everyone and their brother in law has been doing that shtick for years now. They should have stuck with the horror and forgot about the tired commentary.


Yeah, that’s not what we (and most people I think) come to the show for. Let’s just hope that next season doesn’t bring us American Horror Story:Fuck This Shit, I’m Done.


Nope, the last episode was still shit. Worst season ever.


Wow, so its renewed now for 3 more seasons!


I hope they can rebound from this past season.