"An anti-love letter to vendors this year"

Here’s a fun little rant from a game retail employee ripped from another forum, reprinted here because some of you might find it interesting.

This guy has all the solutions! How on earth can he be stuck in a retail job? He should be fixing Sony!

I just heard a BBC news item saying that that UK retailers are having the same problem with Playstations. A Sony (UK) spokesman blamed a number of factors, such as Sony understimating the number of existing PS2 owners wanting to upgrade to the new model.

My favourite excuse though was that part of the problem was due to ships being stuck in the Suez Canal.

(Christmas Morning)

‘Daddy! Where’s my PS2?’

‘It’s in the Suez Canal, son’

New model PS2s are going for over $200 on eBay. There are none available at most stores. They are definitely in short supply. Sony screwed up very badly. Microsoft’s Xbox is sold out many places too but it’s not as bad as Sony. Nintendo has product out there but it’s moving slow.

This is pretty close to the retail truth.

It’s really damned frustrating that sony would release a new model ps2 to fix the fatal flaws of the first model ps2 - only to introduce a new, much WORSE fatal flaw. As bad as the dust clogging and laser misalignment was, at least it was something you could fix or work around. The overheating problem that this new ‘oh it’s so cute’ teensy tiny ps2two is impossible to fix without installing some kind of new cooling (which there isn’t room for) and has the potential to cause permenant damage to the system. I’m also hearing reports that it makes it nearly impossible to play games like San Andreas - though this post is the first report I’ve seen of faulty memory card writes. Come to think of it, though, I have heard people recently complaining about their savegames getting corrupted, but no mention was made of what model hardware they had. Frigging sony.


Do you have a source for the claim that the new model PSTwo is prone to overheating? I’ve got a friend who’s eager to buy one, and I mentioned the issue, but he claims it’s just an Internet rumour.

I’d love a source to pass along.



I’ve got one of the new ones and it’s had no problems. I know some people have been complaining, but I don’t think it’s some kind of epidemic or anything. I guess if you leave it on all day and night, then yeah, it’ll get hot enough to melt or something. shrug

The new one has a one year warranty too compared to 90 days on the original PS2. That should help alleviate any fears.

I was just at the Garland, TX Fry’s and they had more than a dozen in stock. They actually had fewer Xboxes than PS2’s.

I picked up one of the new PSTwo’s at launch and I’ve been playing it quite consistently. I haven’t had any kind of memory card problems with PS2 or PS1 games. I find it does get awfully warm. I always unplug it when I’m not using it, but the system will become noticeably warm after an hour or two. It has yet to affect the game play, though I do get a little nervous about the system after 3 or 4 hours and make sure I take a break (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just shouldn’t be a design flaw that leads to the breaks). Right now, however, my PSTwo is collecting dust since I’m too busy with Mario DS and Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls.

I believe when the writer refered to memory card issues he wasn’t talking about a flaw in the PSTwo, but the Viewtiful Joe 2 demo that erased memory cards.


So they can sell the games to run on the consoles. Duh, analysts. PeeEssTwos are also off the shelves in the UK too. I’m loaning my old model to a colleague over Xmas so his sons won’t be disappointed on The Day, and until he can get hold of one that isn’t in some gougingly priced bundle.

Actually Sam, the Sony spokesman I referred to above was promising that the shortage, in the UK at least, would be over in time for Christmas, whether this means that they won’t be gougingly priced is doubful of course.