ANALOGY ROUND UP: the Serenity Now WoW thread (long, AIM)

You reference me in someone else’s Saw analogy (incorrectly; I liked Saw), but refer to me as “this guy” in my direct quotes, who knows why. I’m not sure what you or Toutsuite said that was significantly funnier than a lot of the posts in the thread, but in the upcoming AIM log about this thread, I’m sure you’ll call me an unfunny, angry fag and explain why.

And tell Toutsuite to try harder with the fake Qt3 accounts.

He’s right, it was a big waste of time, only with 40% more self-serving blather.

That’s a simile.

I love that Fussbett just keeps posting them anyway. Stick to your guns, Fussbett! Don’t let people tell you that it’s shit! YOU’RE A STAR!

I look forward to the Fussbett and ToutSuite IM conversations about the Fussbett and ToutSuite IM conversations.

The internets: If you think you’re funny, everyone else will think you’re funny, too.

estoy usando el internet!

So somebody has an IM conversation in which the main subject is basically how everyone on QT3 is an idiot, and then they post it to QT3 as humor? No wonder this is turning into a pile-on.

(And yes, posting your own IM transcripts is just about the most tedious form of internet onanism imaginable.)

how about correcting someone’s spelling of onan? better or worse?

See, that’s why I usually just go with “jerking off.” Less pretentious and far less susceptible to spelling nazis.

PS, it’s a shame the titles of these threads can’t be edited, because it really would have been helpful and much more accurate if the parentheses warning had read (long, BORING, AIM).

Stroker, Whitta, lets not start turning on each other here. We’ve gotta keep our dogpiling efforts focused.

i didn’t get my marching orders this morning funkman :(

can i assume today’s target is fussbett?


I thought it was humorous and creative in a Tom and Trevor kind of way.


You read that? My scroll wheel is still warm from the work out.

A thread that intentional misses the point of all the analogies for laughes? The thread that keeps on giving!

I thought that a round up was supposed to be shorter than the thing it summarised? Do you guys work for the government or something?

Didn’t the original thread go for 16 pages or something? Math says that this one is shorter.

Fussbett and Toutsuite- So let me get this straight. You read a thread. You want to discuss the subject matter of this thread. You, in fact, want to discuss the subject with other Qt3 members. So rather than posting in the thread in question, you have an IM conversation about the subject, then copy-paste your IM conversation(annotated, even!) into a new thread. Doesn’t that seem like way too many steps?

You guys are just going after him for the sake of it, admit it…

I thought it was funny for three reasons.

First, there were some really great one-liners in there.

Fussbett: He’s spotted a hole in the tiger analogy: Tigers don’t have feelings.
ToutSuite: This is what nature films teach us. Not to feel bad for the funeral being eaten by the tiger. It’s hard, though, because the funeral is anthropomorphic.
Though I suspect that this part made me laugh because it reminded me of a poem a friend of mine once showed me that he had written after accidently taking mescaline-laced somethingorother. But it’s easy to look at this stuff and just say “not funny.” Is it a wankathon? Hell yes. But does that stop 90% of the people on the internet from doing it regularly? No! Why? Because, while it’s not as good as comedy, it’s far more easily written.

Second, the whole thread became a self-propogating mass of recycled garbage rhetoric that didn’t convince anyone of anything. I gave up truly reading it very quickly when I rightly guessed I could skip ahead five pages and still know what was going on because nothing had changed. It’s the online-forum version of that part in “Speed” (don’t pretend not to know it!) where he swaps the security feed with a recording of everyone sitting on the bus in an infinite loop in order to trick the “bad guy.” And that wasn’t an analogy I just used, it was a (disorderly) simile.

Anyway, I’m glad somebody went out of their way to underscore that, because sometimes the obvious really does need to be stated. More than once. If this weren’t true, the main participants in the thread - who I am sure are normally very intelligent, perceptive, and rational people - would have stopped themselves, or the latecomers would have never posted. Then again, I could be guilty of this right now.

Third, and this is the funniest point of all, all that stuff I said about the thread being long and unbearable to read? Fussbett and ToutSuite actually read through the entire thing! How long did that take you?!!