ANALOGY ROUND UP: the Serenity Now WoW thread (long, AIM)

You guys are just going after him for the sake of it, admit it…

I thought it was funny for three reasons.

First, there were some really great one-liners in there.

Fussbett: He’s spotted a hole in the tiger analogy: Tigers don’t have feelings.
ToutSuite: This is what nature films teach us. Not to feel bad for the funeral being eaten by the tiger. It’s hard, though, because the funeral is anthropomorphic.
Though I suspect that this part made me laugh because it reminded me of a poem a friend of mine once showed me that he had written after accidently taking mescaline-laced somethingorother. But it’s easy to look at this stuff and just say “not funny.” Is it a wankathon? Hell yes. But does that stop 90% of the people on the internet from doing it regularly? No! Why? Because, while it’s not as good as comedy, it’s far more easily written.

Second, the whole thread became a self-propogating mass of recycled garbage rhetoric that didn’t convince anyone of anything. I gave up truly reading it very quickly when I rightly guessed I could skip ahead five pages and still know what was going on because nothing had changed. It’s the online-forum version of that part in “Speed” (don’t pretend not to know it!) where he swaps the security feed with a recording of everyone sitting on the bus in an infinite loop in order to trick the “bad guy.” And that wasn’t an analogy I just used, it was a (disorderly) simile.

Anyway, I’m glad somebody went out of their way to underscore that, because sometimes the obvious really does need to be stated. More than once. If this weren’t true, the main participants in the thread - who are no doubt very intelligent, perceptive, and rational people - would have stopped themselves, wouldn’t they? This is especially true when the obvious is also really funny.

Third, and this is the funniest point of all, all that stuff I said about the thread being long and unbearable to read (probably like my post)? Fussbett and ToutSuite actually read through the entire thing! How long did that take you?!!

It’s because Caltrops is superior to everything ever.

Fun read, thanks.

Chris Woods

Just looked at that Caltrops place. Purple but neat I guess. I didn’t realize Bill Dungsroman was in charge there; why do he and the other Caltrops people seem to fight so much on here?

I enjoyed it, but then again I’m told that I have very poor taste.

They’re coming. If not here, then back on caltrops. Since we actually replied to this thread (rather, re-post from caltrops; I guess they finally figured out insulting people without them knowing about it doesn’t quite have the same oomph), their version will be conflated into “OMG they totally flipped out BDR went nuts again etc.” and their pet forum retards will applaud.

I’m not, never was. I wrote some of the reviews and stuff there, posted a lot, but the site never went anywhere. That was fine, but then the guy who did run the place nuked the server because he’s bipolar and realized there were all of these posts on the site authored by him that described in detail all the blowjobs and other errata he got from his wife, and a bunch of other crazy shit nobody asked about. He gave a partial backup sometime later. Ice Cream Jonsey has run it since, I just sort of helped out as an admin. I got tired of it, after awhile. Whatever you post, it’s just a bunch of anonymous replies telling you you suck. Actual forum-type conversations rarely exist, and I just got bored with the whole thing. Take a look, you’ll see every post I make has Toutsuite (as I Need Clarification) replying the same thing over and over. Plus they coddle a couple of mentally-deficient basket cases (Creexul, Weyoun Voidbringer) in order to laugh at them privately as they do hilarious things like repeat the same things over and over and go on about some girl one of them met IRL via the internet, Creexul, and he couldn’t get it up and so he decided to become her retarded cyberstalker. If you think P:R is bad here, you should read his pro-Bush posts. His game reviews are up there, so the site is essentially a bunch of dudes (not all of whom are bad, incidentally, it’s just a really lopsided signal:noise ratio) putting on an amateur hour site and pretending they are the hardcases of the internet. I got told that I suck and that I am a horrible writer and a worthless, unwanted addition to the site enough times, like every day for years, so I obliged them all and left.

But, you know, that’s no fun, me just leaving. So, lacking a foil or whatever, Fussbett has decided to use all of Qt3. He’s one of the few dudes there with a sense of humor, but part of that is humoring the rest of the losers there.

Toutsuite/I Need Clarification/NoWayJose is a dude I used to sort of be friends with, but he thought it would be funnier to poorly troll me for virtually the entire time caltrops has existed, and use stuff like stuff I told him in AIM conversations, because shit like that is teh funnay. He’s a game developer who has about broken even in that regard: he helped make God of War, but he also helped make I-82. I guess it’s no fun to tell someone to leave and then they just do, so he has to come here and bother me as well.

Every so often I go back there and post/read stuff, because I still like some of the guys there, but part of the gestalt there is to start threads about what an idiotic lying douchebag I am. The AIM stuff was in full swing while I still posted there, because they’re mostly a bunch of half-assed wimps who can’t even summon the negligible courage it takes to reply directly to me. Apparently, it’s very difficult to do, or something. I guess that’s died off, since now it’s just lurking on Qt3 and reporting back on my status:unchanged as an idiotic lying douchebag.

No. They have nothing better to do.

You’ll notice they were discussing the analogies in the thread, and not the thread topic itself…which was somewhat tangential to the “quality” of the comparisons being cast about. So, yeah, it rates a separate thread.

So… Quarter to Three has a fansite. Kind of cool!

The sociopath with cancer is female. I am anxiously looking forward to seeing how you work this piece of information into your witty IM banter.

Doesn’t it bother you when other people turn their serious problems into cards to be played in a game? So why would you deal first?

Perhaps I’m callous, perhaps I’m overdue for another callout, but I found the opening dialog on the pizza-milkshake guy to be rather hilarious.

I didn’t deal first back in the original thread, and I wasn’t the first to mention it here. If you think that I shouldn’t respond, well, I can respect that point of view. I’d feel like a coward if I shut up every time someone says that because I have condition X I should exhibit behavior x. Maybe my heels will cool over time and I’ll stop engaging.

No, not at all. Not that that should have any bearing on it, anyway. I just looked back over the FB/TS condensed version and all I found was a fairly tragic attempt at an analogy-born guilt trip. I didn’t recall its origin or what it was said in response to, and I certainly wasn’t going to be sucked back into the SN thread again.
But I thought it was a pretty cheap shot then, and I was surprised you would see that as bait worth taking. That’s all.
For what it’s worth, I never think it’s wrong to engage when it is germane to the discussion directly about themes like that, as personal experience can only enrich the discussion if broached with some care, and at least shut down a completely baseless troll. Conversely, when the “some care” part is cast aside, it can be turned into a crummy rhetorical trick that hurts the attacker’s credibility at least as much as it does that of the intended victims.

You done gone and ruined a perfectly good thread by being polite and reasonable, man. I appreciate it.

My b. I won’t let it happen again. I think the permethrin fumes are getting to me. But let’s see a mutant fuzzy caterpillar crawl up on my porch again, or his banana slug friends…what were we talking about again?

You’ll notice they were discussing the analogies in the thread, and not the thread topic itself…

LK- That thread was 16 pages of dueling analogies. There wasn’t a lot of non-analogy content.

So the thread was sort of like if Nikola Tessla and Thomas Edison got together for pistols at dawn to duel over AC/DC, but instead of pistols, they used analogies.

They aren’t arguing if S/N is full of bad people or if the funeral goers deserved what they got, they’re playfully trying to arrive at either conclusion by working through each of the analogies used (mine included!).

Its’ also worth noting that with the exception of Graeme (who named himself in the analogy) and Bill (who was the victim of a harmless cross-post metaburn) no one is explicitly singled out or called an “idiot”, it’s just them having fun with the analogies, which are clearly the stars of the show.

It’s really kind of a shame that some of you can’t laugh at yourselves, especially after filling the original thread with such fertile comic material.

I especially liked this:

ToutSuite: I can speak from personal experience that no matter how hard you cry in a bowling alley, no one will shout at you (or stop breaking up with you).

Wow Bill.

tu madre es una puta! i learned on the internet that means, “i think you’re swell.” awesome!