ANALOGY ROUND UP: the Serenity Now WoW thread (long, AIM)

Erik thinks it’s funny - it’s funny. Evidence in chief.

Oh please, don’t trot out that old chestnut. The only things that are more overrated than OMM are the Segway and Something Awful; of the those three, only the Segway ever made me laugh.

Erik thinks it’s funny - it’s funny

So Erik is from OMM! OMG!! Who knew? This changes everything.

I’m a pretty tolerant guy, but if you don’t like OMM, then fuck you, and fuck your children. I think you should drown yourself in international waters so that no country bears the stain of your soul’s flight as it passes from this world into another one, and I apologize to that other world in advance, because they probably don’t want you either.

Hee hee. Keep talkin’, jafd.

Actually I heard that Erik traded all his funny to a old gypsy lady for some voodoo game making talents!

So, dontcha go askin 'bout that voodoo.

EDIT: If Caltrops really is like a domino line of ephemeral flowers wilting and passing their nectar to the next in line, you can always … post[on Caltrops].

I agree with you about old chestnuts. People should be referencing newer chestnuts, like Segways and Something Awful.

Unlike some people I could name but won’t, I’m not a man of absolutes. I don’t think some “shit” is funny, no matter who you are. Humor is objectively subjective. People are allowed to think OMM isn’t funny, while other people are allowed to laugh at that first group. The snake begins to eat itself eventually, but the good news is since snakes are segmented, none of the individual pieces knows they’re being made fun of, and the happy equilibrium all exceptional forums strive for is maintained.

All the same, I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say anyone who thinks something like the AIM logs at the beginning of this thread are funny is not funny. In fact, it’s a certainty all prior works by them which might have previously been considered humorous are instead revealed to be drab and lifeless. It’s important to keep pointing this out, by the way, as some people never seem to get it.

Also, we’re allowed to think sockpuppet posters should be set on fire.

…Everyone? Also, case you didn’t know, Chet is Chet from OMM.

Unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case I guess I just owned myself.

I thought Chet was from Weird Science.

I always thought he was from The Hardy Boys.

All the real estate that graveyards take up pisses me off. And golf courses, fuck them too.

How about golfcourses on graveyards? That would be awesome.

Oh, God, a link to the Crate gag. See above, re: old chestnuts, cross-reference: not funny.

I suppose this is the thread for that kind of thing. If I want the same kind of cutting-edge, in-your-face raucous humour, I can check out the OP.

While we’re talking about not funny, and just in case anyone thought jafd was only pretending to be an asshole:

Nice zinger on the guy with the dead friend there!

Yes well, after 6? years of QT3 and Planetcrap, I think bago is used to jafd’s sense of humour.

jafd has a sense of humor?

Ok, so I’m expanding the definition somewhat, but…

What was rude about that? “Asshole” would have been something like “I hope you guys are in a contested zone, so you can all get killed.” I’ve chatted amiably with bago for years, off and on, mostly off. I sincerely doubt he was offended by my comment.

If anyone else reading it was offended, fuck you, that’s not my problem. Take it up with your therapist or save it for your blog.

Hey guys, I just wanted to point out that you don’t have to look in the Serenity Now thread for a great analogy. Posters can bust them out anywhere, like in the ea_spouse thread:

People are capable of buying cars that don’t suck, but we still have lemon laws. People are capable of moving to places where your apartment doesn’t get spraypainted on, but we still have graffiti laws. A woman can leave her abusive husband, but that doesn’t mean it should be legal for him to beat her. (etc etc we could go on all day)

The above analogy would be stronger and less insane if he had read this thread. Everyone in this thread learned something about analogies (except the clever EpicBoy who only read the last line and the clever Kieron who only read the quoted parts), and I made learning fun, which is something teachers try to do, but really their minds are drifting off to the next cigarette in the teacher’s lounge.

Stop helping me, please. :(