Android Factory Reset time


I think my phone has been infected with some malware since ads have been popping up at random times, and my phone is slowing down. I think the solution is a factory reset, but I want to make sure I can resync all my contacts and information.

Anyone have any tips or links that can help prepare for the process before I begin the process later tonight?


Contacts etc. should already be synced to Google. After resetting, you should get the option to restore your apps and some app settings, too.

The thing to be wary of is application data stored on the phone. My expense tracker, for instance, has its own cloud backup options; my fuel mileage tracking app only stores data locally and has an export/import setup in its settings. SMS messages aren’t backed up/restored automatically, so if you care about your old messages, you’ll have to handle it yourself. (There are a number of backup/restore apps out there.)

Those are the gotchas that come to mind immediately.


That’s great. I guess the msn messages are it, but since I mostly use Whatsapp and Facebook, not too much should be lost.


Do you have a podcast app? If so, are your feeds saved somehow?


I use Beyond Pod. It doesn’t seem to have a way to save the feeds. That might be annoying.


SMS backup and restore will save your messages. I have almost every text I’ve sent since 2009 on my phone now.


Pocket Casts stores your feed list in the cloud. You could import the BeyondPod list into that, then re-export to BeyondPod.


One thing to note: If you use a customisable launcher like Nova, then you’ll want to back up your settings in that too (preferably to a cloud service).


I have that app back up my texts nightly to my dropbox so that if I destroy my phone again I’ll be able to restore them without it.


What do people like so much about Pocket Casts? I finally broke down and bought it and it seems worse than PlayerFM in basically every meaningful way. It can’t even resume playback of a podcast when it reconnects to my car stereo.


Mainly the ability to sync across devices and especially platforms. There was a time when I was listening to podcasts on both an iPod and my Android phone, and it was invaluable. But other than that it does nearly everything I want a podcast player to do in a pretty clean interface, other than search in episode descriptions (which is a really annoying omission, I’ll grant).