Android - what's in your pocket?


If you can’t resell it or return it I would love to have it. I will definitely eventually be replacing the battery, maybe by sending it in to a person who works on mobile phones all day, but still, it will happen. What an awesome gesture.


PM me your address and such :)


I got a Pixel 2. Back in the saddle with Android I guess. Damn, this thing feels cheap in the hand compared to OnePlus and iPhones.


Oh, yeah, I wasn’t criticizing your decision, just mentioning my experience. No two people have the same needs with phones it seems.


The pixel2 feels cheap because they coated the aluminum casing with a grippy texture. It feels like plastic, but it’s not. Google prioritized usability there.


I’ll take “feels cheap” every time if it means my phone won’t shoot out of my hand like a wet bar of soap every time I handle it.


Best Buy’s black friday ad leaked, with $300 off the S8, S8+, and Note8. Appears to be a straight discount, beating Target’s otherwise equivalent gift card deal.

Strongly leaning toward the Note8 at this point, and with that price. Really like Essential’s build quality and company ethos, but they’re outweighed by the larger screen, OLED vibrancy, better camera, headphone jack, and confidence that the company will still exist in a couple of years.


Reading about the recent latest Android options, I think I might just get the local phone shop to replace the battery on my S6 rather than stump for a new phone. I’m still really happy with the phone, recent OS updates have - as mentioned - made it even snappier and improved battery life, so I’m still loving it. I always got rid of my old iPhones at contract end because iOS updates slowed the thing down to the point of frustration, so this is unexplored territory.


Hmm I didn’t associate the feel with cheap, really. Just felt solid. Then again, I use a case anyhow, so it could be feel like silly putty or felt for all I care.


Yeah, I never really got the fascination with glass phones; I associate that with “immediately shatters” and metal with “covered in scratches.”

Give me an inch-thick plastic phone comprised 98% by mass of battery, pls.


I’d prefer a thin plastic back to save weight. It’s going in a case anyway.

Thing is, Samsung tried that for many years and every review attacked them for making cheaply manufactured phones. The market rejected plastic casings on flagships, no way around that.


Never leave your phone caseless. Every time I’ve done that the screen gets cracked, not from front but from side impact. Did you guys know that is where glass is weakest, from the side? That’s how I cracked the screen in my beautiful surface and on my last phone.

So I just got an unlocked Moto G5 to replace it. It’s actually an upgrade for me, have not had a nice phone since my iPhone 5s. I switched to Android and have not looked back. I love this unlocked thing, you just pay and then swap your SIM card, easy piezy. This is how it should have always been. I also love that there is no bloatware installed. As Lawrence said . . . It’s Clean.


Yeah, it’s stunning what you can get for your money on the android side of things these days. I picked up an Amazon G4 for like $75 as a toy last year. Gorgeous 5.5" screen, fine speed, no problems at all. Totally usable phone for an incredible price. No fingerprint reader though.


Makes for a pretty cheap remote for the Harmony Hub?


I guess it could be, but I hate touchscreen remotes. It’s sitting in my drawer now as I have no real use for it and just wanted to play around with lineageOS.


My wife’s S7 cracked last week… from being left in the hot sun for a bit too long. Perhaps there was already an invisible stress fracture on the front glass already, as I’ve lost count of the times she’s dropped it (it has a case on it), but there was no obvious physical trauma at the time to cause it.

I’ve kept phones in cases and caseless, and my behaviour must change accordingly. I think I dropped my caseless iPhone 5S twice in the two years I had it, no damage. My S6 was caseless for a couple of months before I found one I liked. I was super careful and never dropped it once in that time. Since I put the case on I started dropping it; it must have bounced off the floor a couple of dozen times by now. I just seem to be a lot more subconsciously careless with it. Fortunately it’s a decent case and no damage, yet.


Huh, looks like the Essential phone is available through Sprint for $25 down + $5/month.

It’s a Flex lease – if I’m reading it right, the lease term is over at month 18, at which point you can make 6 more monthly payments to own it outright. That would amount to $145 total cost for the phone, which I’m pretty sure has to be the deal of the year, as long as you’re okay with Sprint phone service.


That sounds tempting, but will the essential phone be kept up to date?


Has been so far, though Sprint is a touch slow with updates.


Does anyone have the Moto Z2 Play? Someday our LG G3’s are going to die, and I don’t really see a personal need for a replacement on the level of the S8/V30/Pixel2 due to the cost. The Z2 Play seems to look like a close to 1:1 replacement for the G3 (5.5" screen, similar form factor, Snapdragon 626 vs Snapdragon 801 - in this case, the 626 is better). The price is much more reasonable. Not buying until the G3’s are dead, just planning…

(Note: stuck on verizon, so OnePlus isn’t an option hence the search).