Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Darn :(

Nintendo finally teased the addition of Brewster and the Roost coffee shop!

I gave up on this months ago, but I’d return if I could put Gyroids everywhere again.

Happy that they’re dropping in some more content, but it’ll arrive right at the end of my run with the game. After I find that last fish in November, I’ll be moving on finally, and the island will probably be wiped in favour of my wife starting a new one. It’ll be sad to see it all go, but it certainly was one of the highlights in gaming.

Kinda hope they toss in another increase to storage so I don’t have to constantly work to make room for the pile of stuff they add with these updates.

What are those?

I logged in last night for the first time in 3 months. This is my first AC game and I expected much more weed and plant growth than I had. Have they toned this down since earlier games? Because from what I’d read of long layoffs from earlier ACs I expected much more plant chaos.

You know that little thing that stands by bridges you’re constructing and takes your money? That’s a Gyroid, and in the Gamecube version you could collect loads of them. They all looked different and they all played different noises. I loved filling my house with those things!

They’re haniwa, but Nintendo (probably correctly) figured Americans wouldn’t know what haniwa were, so they called them gyroids. I did miss them in new horizons.

Ahh thanks!

I think the plant and weed growth also depends somewhat on how full your island is - if you’ve got a lot of space covered, it might seem like less because there are less places for weeds to pop up! It’s possible they’ve toned it down in general, but tbh I’m not sure.

One major change they made that I deeply appreciate is that your villagers won’t actively move out on you unless you basically tell them “okay yeah buddy, you can go.” I was always super sad that villagers would move on in previous versions without giving me any sort of opportunity to retain them, or would just…be gone entirely when I log in after a hiatus.

Downside is all the angst you incur deciding if you want to let them leave.

THIS. SO MUCH THIS. LOL. I will sit there staring at the screen for like, 10 minutes, wrestling with myself over it. At those moments, I guess I do sometimes wish for the choice to be out of my hands, haha!

I often decide in advance which villagers I’m going to let leave (even though I love them) in order to make space for new ones. And then one day one of those villagers asks me and I become paralyzed with indecision. And then I finally say yes, and then the rest of the day I mope around sadly going “I can’t believe I let X go…”

It’s a struggle.

Yeah, I had to decide several months ago that I’d start letting any villager leave that wanted to, and any campsite visitor would be asked to stay no matter who they’d replace. It was the only way I’d mix up my island and it worked really well in that now I’m only mildly attached to a few villagers. Marshall was my last long time villager, having been around since near the beginning of time, and it was actually a weight off to let him go on an adventure.

Convincing myself that they don’t have real feelings and that it’s just a game is so weirdly difficult. I have a problem.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct was today! Here’s what’s coming to the game in the 2.0 free update:


Also there’s paid DLC that’s basically Happy Home Designer, and by playing it you can unlock new things for your own island.

I won’t spoil it, but here’s the video!

Beat me to it! My gf and I just watched this together and were absolutely losing our minds the entire time. This is amazing!

OMG. The new farming and cooking. My wife is gonna lose it.

Yep I am SO EXCITED for this update, and will buy the DLC day one. I rather enjoyed Happy Home Designer originally, but it did get stale after a while. But as an actual part of the main game? I am SO hyped! (And I’ll finally get my one wish… To redesign Skye’s starter house on my main island, haha!)

I’ve already seen complaints about the price for the DLC, and I’m shaking my head. Considering I paid $60 for New Horizons, I think $25 is perfectly reasonable for what is essentially inserting another whole game into it. Gamers have become spoiled by free or cheap content. But free or cheap content is also usually pretty uninspired. I’m all for paying for quality.

The free update plus DLC is a massive amount of new content (hope that extra storage can handle it). It may be too late for me, though, as I was planning on moving on after my last fish in November. We’ll see if this can hook me back in or if I will fully move on. My wife, on the other hand, is going to be all over this and I’m sure she’ll be quite pleased if I bow out so she can wipe the island and have two on the go at once.

I’m dizzy with anticipation.

Or is it the wind?