Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Or: All Good Animals Cross to Switch)

Because it’s more than a few bullet points’ worth of information. I came up with 11 points off the top of my head, and then as I was racking my brain for more, I realized that the best way to get that information was by actually watching the video.

If I can get the info via a written article instead of a video, that’s what I’ll do almost every time.

Ditto. Video announcements are fine and all, but when I want the simple info of what/when/cost just a simple list is all I need.

Cool. Some people like videos. Some people like written summaries.

People are different - who knew?

Back to the more important topic of an insane amount of AC content.

Looks like November 5 is the perfect time to jump back into this game after a lengthy hiatus. The update and the DLC both look really cool!

Since I already have an Online sub, seems the Online Expansion (which includes this DLC) is cheaper than buying the DLC separately.

Though, I guess you’d need to maintain the sub to keep the DLC. Thankfully the save data persists between separate instances of an online sub and the paid version.

It’s far more likely we’ll upgrade our family Online plan since we have two Switches, two ACNH games, and we’ll want the DLC on both. Or rather, my wife will want it on both. I’m still leaning towards bowing out of the game in November, as planned, and my wife will take my island, wipe it clean, and start a new one. She’s already taken the day off work, she’s so into this update (both the free and DLC).

I’m a little sad that they’re releasing this right at the time I planned on moving on, but ACNH has chewed up a lot of (well-spent) time and I have other games I want to play before my demise.

It looks like you can preload the DLC, as I just downloaded it to make the game be version 1.11.1a (but not version 2.0) with the Online+expansions membership. So, if you want to ensure you can dive in as quick as possible next Friday, there you have it.

Yep, I bought the DLC yesterday and it’s now preloaded… just waiting for release!

I haven’t been playing much recently, and figured at this point I’ll just wait for the DLC. Didn’t really see the need for any kind of “prep” (like apparently a lot of people on the AC subreddit are doing), since I have millions of bells and figured I’d be able to buy whatever I need day one.

But now I hear that some of the stuff actually costs Nook Miles, which I’m almost always nearly out of, since I spend NMT like crazy trying to find specific villagers on islands. So theoretically, I should have been playing every day to gather up Nook Miles, but oh well… at least there will be more goals for me once the update is available!

I wonder how many of the folks “preparing” are going to end up being the same people in a couple weeks complaining there’s nothing to do, having played long-ass hours every day to power through everything.

I get that about prepping by gathering bells and Nook Miles but, even if I had plans to play the DLC+free update, I wouldn’t be able to use my 23+ million bells and 510K+ Nook Miles much. I may stick around just to buy up all the stuff but my wife plans on wiping the island and restarting so she has two islands on the go. I’ll let her have her fun, and donate my savings to her (although I think she has hundreds of millions of bells).

I envy those that are excited to jump into new content after all this time. My personality has made it so I play 45-60 minutes nearly every day just doing my usual routine; I need that to stop so I can do other things.

It’s certainly one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had with gaming so I have no regrets moving on after all this time. It was really a bright spot during this awful pandemic time.

Yeah, probably the same people. This is also one of the reasons I don’t time travel. Sure, I could time travel and finally have all the art Redd has and complete my museum (the art wing is all I have left) but it’s nice to actually have something to work toward. I suspect a lot of the folks complaining about there being nothing to do also time travel a lot, so have already accomplished everything. (To be clear: I do not care at all what other people do - it’s a single player game, play it how you like! Just explaining why I personally don’t do it.)

Absolutely play how you like, but don’t play in a way that it was 100% not intended for and then piss and moan about it when you burn through and out on the game. I don’t understand why people like that even play AC in the first place, and I really wish they wouldn’t because Nintendo felt the need (and of course there was no need) to nerf the interest paid on bells into the absolute ground as a result (although maybe they were just trying to make it work more like real life savings accounts, bazinga).

Yeah I have this crazy idea about starting the game again instead, on a new island… I’m terrible like that, if I haven’t played something in a while.

Are any of you starting over from scratch with the new content?

Couldn’t bear to.

I would rather eat my Switch than start over.

Hahahaha lol

Damn hey… you talked me out of it! :D

Yes & no. I’m ending my run with my island (of which I’ve always been the secondary resident) so my wife can wipe it and start over with the new content. In the meantime, she’ll keep going on her other Switch with her current island and the new content.

But yeah, it really is the toughest decision ever to level it all after the work that went into making it what it is today. It’s going to be wild having all that extra time to do other things. For the record, I will not be eating any Switches during this transition.

[Edit] Caught my last fish 10 minutes into it being available again. Blowfish and complete. Sorry, art, you didn’t make the cut.

Not me, and honestly, I can’t see why the new content would really inspire me to. I know a bunch of people on the AC subreddit have said they’re flattening their island and starting over, but I’m not really sure why. Seems to me the new content is only enhancing what we have already, nothing that would change any decisions I would make early on.

At most, I have to redesign a few parts of my island, like making more room in my already existing pumpkin farm, but other than that, it seems like most of the new content stands on its own.