Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


I gave this a try last night. My god, there’s a lot of ads. I had to watch an ad before it even started. And then I watched a title sequence, and then the first ad break had 4 ads, the first of which was over a minute long.

I do want to watch Cowboy Bebop, but I think I’ll wait until I can see it ad-free. Maybe once it comes to Cruncyroll, I can subscribe for a month and binge watch the show during that month. I think their subscription rate is cheaper than the Ad-free version of Hulu.


I just noticed that Steins Gate the game is on Steam. Is it better to play the visual novel or watch the anime? Are they the same story? I am thinking the visual novel may contain nuances that are lost in the anime.


Depends - the game has multiple endings so it’s a richer experience that goes into each of the characters stories deeper while the anime is focused on the main storyline.

It follows the game pretty close from what I remember though.


I suggest you play the visual novel, the anime is fine as a refresher, but you’d be missing out on a ton of content.


Aaaand that’s the season ending for Berserk wish it had been more than 12 episodes.


I signed up for a month of commercial-free Hulu Plus. That should give me enough time to watch the only season of Cowboy Bebop.


Did they fix the lack of dubbed Cowboy Bebop eps on Hulu/Crunchyroll? I’d reactivate my sub if I could watch the dub versions; Hulu had approximately 4 episodes only dubbed, I really enjoy the voice acting. Having to swap over to sub has kept me from coming back for more.


Yeah, only the first four episodes are dubbed. I haven’t watched them yet, but it’s good to hear that it’s a good dub. I generally prefer dub if it’s a good dub.


Crunchyroll doesn’t have Bebop dubs. They have it subtitled only (newly added a week ago). Most of the stuff that Crunchyroll DID have subs on (not much) is probably going away as part of the Funchyroll agreement, with Funimation focusing on dubs and Crunchyroll on subs (which makes sense so they aren’t overlapping content).


There are only a few anime where I actually liked the dubs. Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Beebop, & Fullmetal Alchemist. Otherwise, I usually prefer the sub versions.


I did not really care for the new series though that is based on the first two episodes.


I have put it on my wishlist and will probably buy it next year (my gaming budget is hurting with all the games coming out at the end of this year…Civ 6, Planet Coaster, and maybe Endless Space 2).


Late, but seconded. Akira, the movie is impressive technically, but plot-wise it’s a mess come the second half of the movie.

The manga, on the other hand, has super pacing and story. I suggest the Americanized colorized version. I always thought they did an excellent job with that and that it looks better than the B/W original.


It’s semi-sequel, Steins Gate 0, is also very good. Check that out as well if/when that gets translated.


It had some intense episodes after around ep 6, but it also had that horrible CGI all the way through.

I’m surprised because sometimes they do 2d characters that look really great then switch to some awkward 3d cgi model that moves really weirdly and removes all immersion. Hopefully they just do 2d drawings next season but i doubt it.


I suspect what they’re doing is all-CGI, but stylized to resemble 2D art, similar to the animation in 009 RE:CYBORG a few years ago - only not as well-done, since they don’t have a movie-sized budget, unfortunately. So it looks fine in certain static scenes, but then characters start moving and it ruins the effect.


Well, RE Zero is done and I did like the ending. I am sure they can continue the story if they want to. Maybe ther will pick a different character to focus on. A lot of possibilities.


They even stopped it just before the cliffhanger and revelations that were in that volume of the source material, which was a nice concession to the fanbase given that they might not get to revisit the series in an anime format.


Agreed, rare to see that kind of thing.


My wife and I just finished watching Your Lie in April. Nothing special about the story, which is your typical manic pixie dream girl variant, but it was sincere, the characters likeable, and the art and music were great. Recommended.

We also tried Stein’s gate, but she couldn’t get into it (I finished it on my own.) I thought it was decent, but I’m guessing the VN is better.