Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


My favorite slice of life anime is Silver Spoon. It is a refreshing story about a farming high school.

Some others are (I suppose some of these could be labeled romance too):

  • Toradora!
  • Usagi Drop (first season only - the second season just ruins it IMHO)
  • Ore Monogatari
  • Hyouka
  • Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun (this one actually has an ending if you want to read the manga to finish the story)
  • Hanasaku Iroha
  • Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken (this show is only a couple of minutes per episode - but it so charming. The English is “I can’t understand what my husband is saying” - you have to watch all the episodes to appreciate it fully).

My daughter and I watch a lot of slice of life shows together so it is probably one of the reasons I enjoy them so much. I am sure I am forgetting some other good shows at the moment.


Usagi Drop is so good. I don’t think I knew about the second season though. I don’t think I watched it, unless the seasons were super short or something.


There isn’t a second season of it to my knowledge, but it is 100% true that the actual ending of the source material absolutely ruins the story and thus it was right to end with only one season.


Jesus, no, Log Horizon is not a fecking slice of life anime. There are a few filler’ish episodes that edge into that territory, but for the most part any seeming slice of life episodes are actually a conduit for worldbuilding-- establishing what it would be like to actually live in this bizarre half-reality/half-videogame mishmash universe.

So yeah, the first half of the first season is mostly dedicated to the characters learning the rules of the world and how to survive in it. Things really pick up when they make formal contact with the gameworld’s NPCs, the “people of the land”. You get a lot of perspective on how adventurers seem to normal humans. An antagonist from the second season even refers to adventurers as “undead” because they keep coming back to life when they’re killed. It’s interesting stuff.


Hmmm…didn’t say it was - but I think it has some elements of it. Like establishing the market system episode, and since I like slice of life it probably hit my vibes more than yours.


No Azumanga Daioh???


I never watched it but I see it is by the same person that writes Yotsuba which is an AWESOME manga. I will take a look at it. Thanks for the suggestion!


I meant the manga’s continuation of the story. These little lapses are me getting older. : )


Is a good take in the genre. What I like more from it is that always end in a upbeat. Is a positive force in the universe. Is a optimist serie.


HA! I stumbled into this one as well. My favorite slice of life anime is probably Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad) but Silver Spoons was such a lovely surprise.

I don’t know if I could consider Azumanga Daioh a slice of life anime, but more of the best satire of a slice of life anime.


I just wanted to point out that I read this, and I totally get where you are coming from. It is a bit shonen-jumpy at times. I found that the humor ended up balancing out some of the really dark stuff the show does, but I could get how it could take someone out of the experience.


Some more unpopular opinions!

OK, I actually have no idea if this is unpopular or not. But my bottom line is this: Delta starts out promising, with some significant differences from previous Macross series that are interesting, and then spends the rest of the series reverting back to the same old stuff. I watched the whole series just waiting for the next twist, but it never came.


My daughter and I have watched the first few eps of SDFM and they are bloody hilarious. There are all these little moments like, “I don’t remember Roy calling Hikaru (Rick Hunter) an asshole.”


So, I noticed that Netflix has a lot of Fate/Zero series on it. I was wondering if it’s any good, and what order I should watch it in? Any ideas?

Thank you.


I’ll forego the detailed wall-of-text explanation of what exactly all the Fate series entails and where it came from. For what you’re concerned about, I see four series that are on Netflix.

Fate/Zero - A full-length series based on the novel prequel to the original visual novel. Watch it first.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works - A full-length series based on one of the main paths of the original visual novel. Takes place after Fate/Zero, and was specially adapted by the same animation studio as Fate/Zero to be more of a direct sequel than it was in its original, visual novel form. Watch it second if you watch and like Fate/Zero.

Fate/Apocrypha - A full-length series based on a stand-alone novel which was basically garbage. This adaptation did not fare any better. Do not watch. Just. Don’t.

Fate/Extra Last Encore - A half-length series based on a PSP game loosely utilizing some worldbuilding mechanics from the original visual novel. Not recommended unless you played Fate/Extra and really feel like seeing it retold for some reason.

I’m a bit off the deep end when it comes to this stuff so I don’t trust myself to give you a baseline recommendation as to whether it’s “any good”, but if you start, make sure you do not waste time on Apocrypha or Extra. If I missed anything else with the Fate name that shows up on the Netflix list, you probably don’t want to watch that either.


Great summary. TLDR; Zero first, then get back to us.


Asobi Asobase is very funny.


Fate Zero and Fate/Stay Night UBW are both great.

Apocrypha was dog shit and I at no point was enjoying it. There are like… 2 remotely interesting characters and they’re side characters at best. Also there are literally no rules and nothing makes sense in any context at any point until you finally get bored and decide to do something else.

The newest one looks terrible to me. The animation looks awful and after Apocrypha I don’t even want to bother.

Zero is by far the best imo. UBW is solid enough and has some pretty cool moments as well.


Yes, yes it is. It’s easily the funniest new thing that has cropped up so far this season, though it does take a few minutes to get there.


Friend sent me this today, and I figured this would be the place where it’d be appreciated the most:

(Warning: Thor Ragnarok spoilers - as is fit of any anime^_^ opening)