Anime' - Whatcha Watchin? (Is it good?)


So, I watched the first couple of episodes of “Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” this week and thought it was just terrible. Moronic oblivious manchild stumbles through life supported by a harem of hotties who really should have much better things to do. I like a game-style setting as much as the next nerd, but that’s not anything like enough to make this watchable.


It definitely has a helping of fan-service, but my kids and I enjoyed it as good silly fun.

Started watching Childrwn of the Whales on Netflix last night. Seems really good so far. Interesting world building.


Has anyone here watched Flavors of Youth already on Netflix? It’s the latest movie from Comix Wave Films, a studio mostly known for the Makoto Shinkai movies (and Your Name in particular).

This particular one has no Makoto Shinkai (alas), and it is a China-Japan coproduction. I plan on watching on the weekend, but I don’t know if anyone here was aware of its release, so I decided to mention it now. ;)


I saw it was there, but haven’t watched it.


I saw it, but I am scared to watch it. Netflix have a very “american” taste for anime. When I watch anime on netflix I have this weird feel is through a filter…


Not yet, but I added it to my list. Might watch it over the weekend.


I have not voiced my disgust with Netflix enough today, so I am going to post this.

Netflix catalog is aggresivelly mediocre in a world where mediocrity is a stain you can’t never clean from your soul if you touch it.


I dunno, you can just not watch it.


Hmmmm. I don’t know. The Makoto Shinkai movies are pretty Japanese. Your Name has a more “international” flavor, but his other films (which, by the way, used to be available on Netflix) do not.

Violet Evergarden is not “american” in feel whatsoever, despite being placed in a kind of “western” setting. Neither are things like Kill la Kill or Little Witch Academia. Not even Sword Art Online is. I think. Am I missing something here?


It would be hard for me to put it in words, but is quite clear when I look at the catalog.


IMO you are describing Hulu, not Netflix.


I decided to start watching this on Hulu recently, and I’m enjoying the 70% that is Log Horizon-esque “dealing with life in a game world” and exploring the setting. And doing my best to ignore the other 30%, all the NPCs worshiping the ground the guy walks on and especially the awful infighting between girls to be his main squeeze. For now, the enjoyment outweighs the annoyance, but I have no idea if that’s going to last. If it does, there seems to be plenty more to watch, since there’s two full seasons and a third is in progress.


Netflix’s anime tends to be pretty awful on the whole.

Violet Evergarden was, imo, amazing, but nearly everything else looks terrible. Even the ones that have promise and are decent tend to be… nothing special really. Their catalog is pretty limited for the most part and what they have tends towards meh (barring the big runs that are already established and the occasional rare gem).

I kind of get what he’s referring to, though “American” is probably the wrong phrase for it. Also Kill la Kill and SAO aren’t exactly Netflix Originals or anything.


I think that’s changing. Children of the Whales and B the Beginning are both fantastic. Some of their upcoming stuff, like Cannon Busters, is also very promising.

Yeah, they have had some awful stuff, like Seven Deadly Sins, but I think they are moving the right direction.


Hey, I liked Seven Deadly Sins!

Also, AICO was a fun series, but I guess if you want something classic, isn’t Rurouni Kenshin on Netflix?


Yes, Kenshin is on Netflix. Man, it’s been a minute since I’ve seen that. I really liked it when I saw it… 15 years ago.


Have you caught up with Voltron yet? I think season seven is the best season so far.

Except, maybe ending. Definitely had the 2 best episodes though.


No, I don’t watch a ton of shows. Actually just wrapped Log Horizon yesterday, so probably won’t start a new show for a few weeks.


This is actually the perfect time to start Konosuba, if you haven’t already seen it.


I couldn’t get into Log Horizon, and gave up after a few episodes. But man, I loved Konosuba. I gobbled that one up really fast back in the day. I wish they had more Konosuba.