Annoying Razer Diamondback / Stanby problem

Razer Diamondback does not wake up from standby/suspend mode. When I resume, USB keyboard works from the same hub. The Diamondback’s light remains powered off. Workaround is unplugging and plugging back in.

Tried the razer forums with no help - There’s a few posts pointing out the same issue. One guy replies saying, “well it doesn’t work for me anyway but standby sucks anyway!”.

Geez, I am a sucker for buying this mouse. Annoying unsigned drivers! I’ve tried going to Device Manager and unclicking the Turn Device Off to save power things.

Do you have the thing plugged right into the computer, or is it plugged into a hub or the keyboard or what?

I’ve goy mt diamondback plugged into my iMac’s keyboard and I’ve got no problems.

Right now it’s plugged into a Dell 2405 Hub. It had the same issue with an Aten KVM, and with another powered hub I have. Cord is just not long enough to plug into the PC directly (But i will test it later).

AFAIK the USB “extenders” are basically one-port USB hubs, so I’d have the same issue.

Issue seems to point towards the mice drivers or mouse hardware itself since it does NOT happen with other mice.

Will also test by removing razer drivers and using default microsoft ones. Unfortunately this means I can’t play play with on-the-fly sensitivity.

When I had my keyboard and mouse (also a Diamondback at the time, but before that even with a Logitech optical mouse) hooked up to my monitor, my Dell 2005’s hub sometimes gave me trouble, too. Plugging in directly solved all my problems.

Get one of these:

I had a problem with a Diamondback the first time I used it. I was using my friend’s computer for the first time, and he had a Diamondback. When I gripped the mouse, I accidentally hit one of the side buttons, thereby triggering the Back button on his browser and unveiling all his fat girl porn.

You say that as if there is any other type of porn.

Ouch & Yechhhh…

The Diamondback does this all the time. It sucks up more power than other
such devices. Known problem, and a slight pain. It usually fails on a power-on,
so reboots work fine. But standby + Razer Diamondback is no fun :/