Another Blade of Darkness type game?

I played BoD at the beginning of last year (didn’t finish it, but almost) and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the variety of landscapes and levels (the snowy fortress level, the Egyptian-themed level, and many others I can’t remember now), the cool melee combat moves your guy could do (I played as the Knight), the gore and dismemberment of enemies, the fact that the enemies were often pretty smart in combat, that you could recover arrows that you’d shot, and of course the lighting and shadows. It was a pretty difficult game, I’ll admit–I didn’t finish it because it just got too hard toward the end.

I’m pretty sure the Spanish developer Rebel Act went out of business, but is there another game out there that incorporates all the stuff that made BoD so good? Any game on the horizon?

I really enjoyed that game as well. Pretty visceral.

Probably wouldn’t say the enemies were that smart once you got into it, it was typically a matter of timing, you just had to manoeuvre until they committed to an attack, then you could just dodge it and smack them down.

In fact I’d say the difficulty of the game was proportional to the distance you could dodge - the amazon was the easiest as she had a dodge roll which easily evaded attacks, then a couple of combos which made short work of a lot of enemies. Once you got some of the special weapons later in the game, which hit for obscene amounts of damage, it became even easier (but still pretty enjoyable). The amazon got an ice staff from memory - only downside was it didn’t have a blade, so no dismemberment, ah well.

Nearly finished the game with amazon and warrior, got to the boss who is extremely difficult unless you know the trick to beating him. Can’t remember what it was, had to look it up.

Anyway, back to the original q, I’ve seen nothing really. Prince of Persia was vaguely similar in that you have free form combat but only played Sands of Time which the combat for me boiled down to jumping over enemies and backstabbing them ad nauseum until the game was finished. Apparently Warrior Within had better fighting.

There are some console games that are similar, like Ninja Gaiden. I suspect you’re out of luck for PC games, though you might be able to get something older like Die by the Sword.

Actually, the first couple of Ninja Gaiden games made it to PC as well. :)