Another LCD question (or several)

Here’s another one (several) for you: If you’ve owned an LCD monitor for more than a year or so, did any bad pixels show up? If you got some, how long did it take for them to develop? Did the backlight go out on any of your monitors yet?

Never got bad pixels on any LCD that didn’t have them initially. The backlight seems to take longer and longer to reach full brightness as the monitor ages, and I did have to dump one LCD monitor when the backlight failed after five years.

I had my samsung 213T for 3 years and like above as time goes on the Backlight takes a bit longer to get max brightness but its not noticeable really.

I have since upgraded to an apple 20inch widescreen and its sexors.

Samsung 191T: 3.75 years and going strong.

My Dell 2005 fpw is almost a year old. It started out with three dead pixels (or stuck) of which I can only see one at this point. Sometimes these pixels do sort of fix themselves so I guess that’s what happened.

No other problems.