Another mass layoff at 3DO

Rob Merritt had already posted the rumour on Gone Gold, now I just saw the news on Frictionless Insight: 3DO will terminate a “significant portion of its workforce” on 1 July 2003.

I guess that means no Heroes V…

please tell me Army Men is still alive!!??!


Pure evil can never be completely destroyed.

3DO is still in business? Huh…

I’m still waiting for an MMIX patch that supports high resolution… MMIX was actually not that bad… except that is was rushed and its buggy. Makes me mad.


I hope I’m wrong, but that would also be my guess. While they’ve talked a bit about HoMM5, it hasn’t been “announced” yet. And, according to GameSpot, it’s not among the games 3DO is slated to show at E3 (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Jacked and Street Racing Syndicate).


Are there even enough employee’s left to justify calling it massive?