Another small insight into developers vs publishers (Strategy First vs Sigma Tech)

I bought “Alien Shooter Vengeance” last week at the “Strategy First Spring Sale” on Steam.
Today I tried running it but it didn’t work so I checked out the Steam forums for a solution.
There I found out that the game has been pulled from the sale without any explaination. In fact you can’t buy it anywhere on Steam anymore.

I checked the Sigma Team (developer) website forums and found this thread.

Alien Shooter - Vengeance was placed to this portal by Strategy First company, unfortunately this company about two years not pay any developers royalty to us, and what is more, they nominate such price for the game without any coordination with us, no matter for such clause in the agreement.
We are really whant to nominate such price for all of our titles, but I am afraid that in this case you are never will see any new projects from our company…

Very nice insight into publishers dealing with developers!
I believe these Russian guys so:
Fuck you Strategy First! Hope you choke on my 3 EUR I paid YOU for that game!

After renaming a bad video file I could run the game fine and it’s really nice. Thanks to greedy publishers I might not see another game from Sigma Tech! Well done guys! :(