Anthony Weiner's the MAN

Check out the smackdown of Peggy Noonan’s tired bullshit, starting at about the 8 minute mark:

Weiner is THE MAN for bringing forth the following early in the debate: Medicare’s medical expense ratio is 0.96 the private sector’s is ~.80. What, exactly, does private insurance bring to the table? What is their value add? The Right had no reply. It was funny watching Joe Scarborough and others on his show flounder with that question.

Luckily for them they control the air waves and he was shut out for a couple of months so the argument died.

But, yes, Weiner is the man. No doubt.

It takes a Weiner to bring the manhood?

Christ, Noonan is really dense. Even when Weiner points out how and why health care is related to jobs and economy, the best response she comes up with is “Healthcare is related. Education is related. So many things are related.” And “You can’t deal with secondary and tertiary issues right now!” And you need to “make decisions!” when the times are tough. And you need to focus on the central issue!

It’s a good thing that news shows just keep on booking pundits!

EDIT: His Daily Show interview was quite funny.

You’re joking. But perhaps you are right.

It drives me crazy how Republicans try and spin the fact that healthcare has ballooned to 20% of the economy now makes it too big to mess with.