I’m convinced The Big City needs a change… whoever gets to pressure opponent with gang on the 2nd turn always wins. I have yet to lose a game when I do it, and I have yet to win a game against an opponent who does it.

Unless somebody has some counter strat they are willing to share, I’m all ears - because its by far the most frustrating/boring map - kind of makes me want to quit to be honest =/


Send @lordkosc and me an invite on Big City, we’ll see what we can do! ;-)


@Otthegreat our latest game was terrible. By turn three I’d got a second trading house and bank right on my doorstep :-(

@lordkosc if I’d not gone for the art I could have properly blocked you with my beefed up gang! D’oh! gg!


I think that was the game where I had zero income, wasn’t it?


That’s the one! There was even an estate on my side of a middle block.


gg @lordkosc! Going to focus on the beta games until the update! It’s throwing me off playing two versions.


gg sir! I’ve been playing horrible as of late, an early gang loss and I am done 99% of the time it seems.


@Goatgoatgoat So it’s really hard to test the Powder House! My gut feeling is that it has potential to really soak up lanterns if you’re good at predicting the actions of your opponent, but like the Strangefellows and Orphanages at level 2, it’s not frequent enough for abuse. It definitely doesn’t feel OP. I wonder whether active traps should bump up the cost of saboteurs instead of hires per turn and keep the +1 coin at level 2. That could put a cap on trap spam while rewarding fewer more thoughtfully placed traps. I worry that might hit the base game too hard though…

Edit: Also, the beta version is telling me my copy of Antihero is damaged and I should reinstall it! I’ve tried that but no luck.


Oh whoops - I just deployed a server update and broke things. I’ll push a fix to the Steam beta branch in a sec!

Edit: also, I agree with your analysis. Having a Level 2 Powder House feels like it changes my strategy in a meaningful way, but not so much that it’s OP, especially because getting a level 2 PH involves an investment that you probably can’t afford to make in the early game.

Edit2: Steam beta is fixed. Hoping to push the release build to everyone soon (definitely this week).


Antihero is in the highest teir of the new Nemesis 6 Bundle!


I’m back in!

gg @lordkosc. The early double trading houses and Strangefellows helped a lot.

@Goatgoatgoat I really like the way the Powder House shakes up building distribution. I had no idea until I saw the update splash.


I finally finished my last game in the beta! GG @lordkosc! It was a really close game. Even though I basically owned the entire map for most of the game, Lordkosc was able to keep it close. I’m not sure how you pulled it off, but I was impressed!

I never upgraded my powderhouse fully. Gold is almost always more of a bottleneck for me than lanterns, so stealing gold was more important. I don’t know if that’s a byproduct of my play style or not. That said, the discount on Saboteurs was vital since it allowed me to take and hold a lot of buildings relatively cheaply.


Yeah it was brutal, I have won maybe 1 game in my last 15 overall. Just dumb mistakes or horrible map layouts.

Powderhouse seems fine, well unless you are me and somehow trigger 3 traps in a row. D: I think that was a game against @Goatgoatgoat .

Then its IMBA! ;)


@Goatgoatgoat is very good with traps! I’ve hit a couple of his in the last two turns!


@Goatgoatgoat is the beta wrapping up? Only active game I have is VS you. ;)


Yes! Releasing today or tomorrow. It’s been ready to go since forever, just been waiting on the go-ahead from various platforms, which we now have, finally.

(Edit: update is now live!)


gg @geggis I didn’t see your final message. I had a very bad overall game. :p


Yeah, early bank, church and jewellery meant I had a lot of money rolling in and there were a lot of henchmen blocking your paths! It’s amazing how much attention the powder house attracts. It’s such a powerful building if left unchecked.


Started playing more of this again due to the mobile version filling in the gaps of my free time .

Anyone wants an invite let me know. :)

@Goatgoatgoat is there any roadmap in place for what you still have planned?


So yep… I play this a lot still.

Just had my 400th win today!