Any good comedy podcasts out there?


I’ve noticed Qt3 has a lot of people in the gaming forum that listen to gaming podcasts. Which is really weird to me. I’ve listened to a few so far, and really I’d rather just read articles about gaming, and keep my audio listening to comedy and politics.

The perfect comedy podcasts for me back in 2003 onward were Air America Radio podcasts. Especially Morning Sedition with Marc Maron. That show was absolutely hilarious. Another show that wasn’t as funny, but still pretty funny was the Al Franken show. Unfortunately, both of those went off the air after a few years.

Another perfect comedy podcast was, of course, the Rick Gervais show. Making fun of Karl Pilkington is really just so funny. To this day, that’s my favorite thing to listen to while I’m playing a mindless shooter like Quake, or Painkiller. I can be blasting away enemies and laughing and laughing until it hurts.

So are there any other good podcasts out there? Something really funny that’s worth listening to? It doesn’t have to involve politics, it just has to be funny. The Marc Maron show, which he started when he went out West to LA was really funny, but only lasted a few months before it got canceled.


I’m not a podcast man, but I’ve got a friend or two who swear by Never Not Funny.


There’s The Bugle with John Oliver and some other British dude.


It’s not long, but I love the Onion Radio News.

I like to throw them on a player with a mix of other podcasts and let them play in between the others.


a bit off-topic but The Onion Movie is Freakin hilarious.


The Bugle is great. Kieth and the Girl and Nobody Likes Onions are pretty popular, but they may not be for everyone.


I made a cast.
Born in the Eighties

I dunno, I laughed a few times editing it.

Anyone have any other good suggestions? My podcast is new, and somewhat crappy, but hopeful for the future.

My favorites:
Tell 'em Stevedave
Idle Thumbs (RIP)
Doug Loves Movies
Giant Bombcast

Other than that, anyone have any other good shout outs? Or your own casts? I would love to hear those.


I think there’s a better thread somewhere, but my favorites are Comedy Death Ray Radio and Doug Loves Movies. I’m trying to get into the Pod F. Tompcast (Paul F. Tompkins, of course), but I’m finding that he’s fonder of the sound of his own voice than he is funny. Well, he’s a funny guy, but his podcast is not particularly hilarious.

I’d love to hear more recommendations. Others have recommended Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, but I can’t stand him. Never Not Funny’s not bad, but not good enough to pay for (but grab his recent free episode with Conan).


See, there are not enough I say!

I am going to list an email
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Lets hope that plenty of people send in questions. (not to mention spam bots)


A year ago, a most amazing podcast started on the Adam Carolla network, called Daves of Thunder. It starred two comedy writers in their late 30s, Daves Dameshek and Feeney. For sixty-some episodes they ranted, about their jobs, their mothers, their support staff, their friends, the 80s, movies, food, sports… And it was hilarious. It quickly became my favorite podcast, and really lightened up my Mondays. The show was unceremoniously canceled last week, but I think that the year of episodes would make the perfect listen for someone wanting a laugh. It’s almost like a meta-podcast, because most of the content is about the show itself, or the show’s staff, and you get to know a great cast of characters.

I’m 25 years old, and I love this show, more than Carolla’s own show, or any other comedy cast I’ve tried. For myself, I’m definitely going to listen to it all again when I have to drive across the country this summer.


Excellent! Thanks.

One thing I noticed about a lot of the “casts” that are being popularized are all people in their 30s-40s, I think there is a spot for some young guns out there, so I figured I should get started. That, coupled with the VO work I am trying to get, getting my voice out there is important. I mean, 15 bucks a month for a account, and I am golden.

Next step, buying better equipment! I have my eyes set on a mixer and some mics, but I am waiting for my bonus from work.


I really enjoy “My Brother, My Brother and Me”, which is a comedy advice show. They’re part of, which is kind of a comedy podcast network.


Here’s what I’m listening to currently:

Comedy Death Ray and Doug Loves Movies have already been mentioned, but also check out Benson’s paid podcast of The Benson Interruption, where he invites his comedians friends onstage to do their act and then interrupts them whenever he feels like it. The last one had Sean Cullen and Garfunkel & Oates and was hilarious. I think he’s planning on releasing one of these a month for a measly couple of bucks.

Even though Jerri doesn’t like it, I love the Pod F. Tompkast, but I am an unabashed PFT fan, so take that as you will. He intersperses his rambling ad libs in the studio with portions from his Largo variety show and other bits of comedy.

The Best Show On WFMU is pure greatness. Host Tom Scharpling has been hosting the show for ten years, and has built one of the strangest pieces of radio entertainment in the history of the medium. It’s a wild mixture of Scharpling rants, mutant call-ins, and free-form comedy sketches between him and partner-in-crime Jon Wurster, with the added extra edge of it being done live, on the radio. The downside is that it’s somewhat impenetrable for newcomers, but if you’re a fan of John Hodgman check out the Christmas 2010 show of The Best Show where Tom, John and a bunch of WFMU staff drink a couple cases of 4 Loco on the air. Madness.

Speaking of Hodgman, his podcast Judge John Hodgman is really, really funny. It’s a shorter 'cast, coming in around twenty minutes or so, where he adjudicates dumb disputes between two friends. It’s cute and hilarious.

The guys from Comedy Death Ray started a podcast network called Earwolf with a bunch of different shows as well. The Sklars host a sports show called Sklarboro Country which is funny, but it’s about sports so I don’t care. Paul Scheer has a bi-monthly one called How Did This Get Made? where they purposefully watch bad movies and then rag on them - funny, but not essential. My fave of the non-CDR ones though is Who Charted?, which started out rough and now has become one of my fave 'casts - Howard Kremer (aka Dragon Boy Suede) and Kulap (aka Scott Aukerman’s wife) run down the top five in music, movies and other charts with a guest. The hook is Kremer knows almost nothing about modern music, nor do any of his guests, so most of it is just ragging on how terrible Katy Perry (for example) is. It shouldn’t be funny, but somehow is.

Greg Proops’ has a newish one called The Smartest Man In The World, where he rants on stage for about an hour about whatever pops into his head. It’s uneven, but he did one a couple of weeks ago where he spent the better part of an hour talking about his loathing of Gweneth Paltrow and I cried laughing.

I recently became a convert to The Thrilling Adventure Hour, another shortish one (half-hour, usually). It’s a live show that parodies old-time radio serials that has a good cast and some great guests: the ubiquitous Paul F. Tompkins, Adam Savage, Nathan Fillion, James Urbaniak, John Dimaggio. Definitely worth a look.


I will say that my favorite part of the 1/1/2011 podcast I heard last night was the sketch PFT, Bob Odenkirk and the lovely Maya Rudolph did about the jingle for the family fun center. That was pretty damned good.



I don’t know where else to put this, but Conan O’Brien has a pretty great podcast (Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend) and it’s been fun, I think he’s got about a dozen episodes in the can, but the latest one w/ Timothy Olyphant is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever heard in podcast form. Highly recommended.