Any HTML /Java experts around?

I need help please. I need a way for the credit card info boxes to only be displayed if the “send via US mail” button is selected. The way I have it now the credit card number field is disabled but somebody wants it gone altogeter. If the card fields are ‘grayed out’ that would work or if hidden until the proper option is selected. Any suggestions or help greatly appreciated.

<form name=“form22”>

Pick up at store Today <input type=“radio” name=“radio1”

      Pick up in 1 Day &lt;input
      type="radio" name="radio1"
      onclick="javascript:document.form22.CreditCardNum.disabled=true" /&gt;

      Pick up in 2 Day &lt;input type="radio" name="radio1"
      onclick="javascript:document.form22.CreditCardNum.disabled=true" /&gt;

      Send via US Mail &lt;input type="radio" name="radio1"
      onclick="javascript:document.form22.CreditCardNum.disabled=false" /&gt;

      &lt;font face="Verdana, Arial, Times" color="#000000" size="2"&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<font size=“1”>*NOTE - You you will only be able to enter a Credit Card number if you
select ‘Send Via US mail’ </font>

      Credit Card Number 

      &lt;input type="text" NAME="CreditCardNum" SIZE="20" maxlength="20" 1disabled="true"&gt; &lt;/p&gt;
    &lt;font face="Verdana, Arial, Times" color="#000000" size="2"&gt;

Select Expiration

    &lt;select name="CreditCardExpirationMonth" size="1"&gt;
      &lt;option value="01"&gt;01&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="02"&gt;02&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="03"&gt;03&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="04"&gt;04&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="05"&gt;05&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="06"&gt;06&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="07"&gt;07&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="08"&gt;08&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="09"&gt;09&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="10"&gt;10&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="11"&gt;11&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="12"&gt;12&lt;/option&gt;
    &lt;/select&gt; &lt;select name="CreditCardExpirationYear" size="1"&gt;
      &lt;option value="2003"&gt;2003&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2004"&gt;2004&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2005"&gt;2005&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2006"&gt;2006&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2007"&gt;2007&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2008"&gt;2008&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2009"&gt;2009&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="2010"&gt;2010&lt;/option&gt;

    Select Credit Card &lt;select NAME="CreditCardType" size="1"&gt;
      &lt;option value="Visa"&gt;Visa&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="Master Card"&gt;Master Card&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="Amex"&gt;Amex&lt;/option&gt;
      &lt;option value="Discover"&gt;Discover&lt;/option&gt;

Hehe - I forget how hard this is in the realm of html as opposed to the product my company sells. Intersystems is an older db company that has made a splash in the object db market. We have a product that allows you to define “pages” on the db side that are then played back thru the web server - kind of like jsp without the slow middleware layer. because the db supports a complete scripting language its easy to do things like if/else constructions to add components dynamically to pages…

Not that any of this helps you in the slightest. I would imagine playing with div tags and then in an OnLoad() event you could “rework” the innerHTML for the div tag to add the input control as needed at runtime.

Thanks for the suggestion. This is a nightmare. I could see how it would be profitable to develop and alternate method.

Put the credit card stuff in a div and in your onclick javascript, set the div visibility:‘hidden’; or‘visible’;

There’s also a ‘style.display’ property. Setting it to ‘none’ will cause the element to not display at all. (visibility makes it invisible, but it still takes up space)

This is really just off the top of my head, but if you want you can PM me and I’ll walk you through it.