Any HVAC experts? Am I being scammed?

Any chance they added an extra zero by accident, changing 180 in 1800? Because if it is on purpose, its a rather obvious scam, isn’t it?

Was just gonna ask that same thing. I just had a speeding ticket amended and lawyer told me the fine was going to be 2250 dollars. Turns out he hit the 5 on accident.

lol, I said exactly this.

I don’t think so, because they said they could have a “cheaper” option which was “only” $900… but which actually was not the S30… so was presumably some ridiculous markup on some other thermostat.

I’m pretty sure this place was just trying to scam an old lady who they assumed didn’t know any better, which to me is just one of the shittiest things you can do.

Right. In that case: f*** them!

Have you considered calling the BBB to check up on them/drop the dime on them?

I think BBB is like Yelp, you can pay to get bad reviews struck off

Yeah, I’ve made that suggestion.
I actually looked them up, and they have a pretty good rating, but there were in fact some complaints fairly recently of exactly the same kind of issue.

@Timex , so whatever came of the $1800 thermostat?

Funnily enough, that is ongoing. My GF’s brother in law knows a guy who is an HVAC person, who was going to check it out, and then got derailed fixing other folks’ more severe issues after putting it into emergency heat mode (which works, but I’m pretty sure is not ideal), but was going to replace it this coming week I think.

I dunno, the guy seems like he may also be sketchy, but I guess we’ll see. I’m like 70% sure that this could have been replaced with a static thermostat.

With GPU prices dropping, instead of a $1800 thermostat, you could get a 3080ti and it can run your air handlers (12v PCM only), provide extra heating, mine drosscoin, and run a killer screensaver for the same cost.

I was under the impression that emergency heat modes were for just that, emergencies. And will do more damage if they’re used for any length of time.

It won’t actually damage it, it just runs less efficiently.

Might want to lock this one too.

I’ve been staring at this, trying to figure out what it could possibly mean, for 5 minutes straight now. So, in order to be able to get it out of my head and get back to work, I’ll say this: I agree!

Or I don’t. I don’t know…

There was a spam post here yesterday which has now been removed, so the suggestion was to lock the thread before it becomes a magnet for more.

Ah, ok! Then I stand by what I said: I agree!

I think we can always REPORTED spam and I like having this post available for posting HVAC issues, so I don’t think we need to lock it. Do we?

The idea is just to lock it for a week or so, so it drops off the google SEO and thereby prevent drive-by spambots scraping google for places to drop their shit.

Wait what?

That’s what my aunt told me long ago. There was a customer dispute, and she needed to pay to get rid of it.